Ducati Monster S2R 800

The 800cc mill is not that well known and needs some introduction. During the general upgrade of Ducati's air-cooled mills a few years ago, the 900 was bumped to 1000cc's, the 600 to 620 and the unpopular 750 to 800. Just like the other two engines, the 800 mill received heavy updates to its combustion chambers, head and lubrication system, but it doesn't have the twin spark DS system. This setup is more critical on big bore engines such as the 1000cc unit. The one important goodie that the 800 does have over big brother, is the new APTC clutch which reduces effort at the lever as well as supplying an antilock action. This is a welcome improvement, as Ducs have notoriously heavy clutches which can be a pain in stop and go traffic. Here at Evotech Performance, we are always looking out for our Ducati Bike owners and that is why we are there for then you need us most.
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