A turn for the better

We’re renowned for our many and varied range of accessories, however, replacement indicators had never registered on the EP product radar. That was until about four months ago when we totalled up customer emails asking if we stock or planned to stock EP indicators or turn signals.

Cue much research by the Evotech Performance Design team, which led to the realisation that while there are many accessory indicators available, our customers wanted indicators from a trusted brand and had to be as on par quality-wise as our EP Crash Protection, Tail Tidies and Radiator Guards…

More research was followed by product testing and development. The result of which is illuminating, to say the least.

EP LED Sequential Indicators are a new addition to the Evotech Performance product range and are available in three formats:

Universal fitment – for a modern upgrade that is stylish and sporty across a wide range of models. Universal fitment units are available as a pair (2 units) for front or rear fitment, or a set of four (4 units) for a complete install.

Model specific – available as a pair or four units that include OEM-style indicator mounting plates/bodies for a fuss-free, secure installation that seamlessly integrates with the motorcycle's original equipment, preserving the bike's aesthetics while enhancing visibility and safety on the road. The model specific sets also include, where required, a wiring loom patch lead with OEM connectors to ensure an easy plug & play fitment.

EP LED Sequential Indicators are smaller than most standard indicators but are perfectly formed to be a modern upgrade that is stylish and sporty across a wide range of models – they are EC-certified and E-marked for conformity across EU member states. There are no wire filament bulbs to burn out or break due to vibration or hard knocks and they are IP66 rated against water ingress.

The sequential (scrolling) operation of the EP LED Sequential Indicators comes from the use of six LED lamps per indicator that emit high intensity orange beams. The sequential lighting effect makes turn indication far more noticeable to other road users and increases rider safety. Each indicator features a crystal-clear lens that also produces an outer edge tell-tale beam escape for side-on visibility.

Minimalistic, curved styling will give your ride a much more modern, sporty stance. The aluminium body (black anodised finish) complete with flexible stem makes them less susceptible to damage, accidental or otherwise.

Click here for detailed information about EP LED Sequential Indicators and available model specific sets.

By Evotech Retail on 12 December 2023