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bonneville parts

great parts ,look well on the bike, good service

Looks good

Looks good on the bike, only problem that it comes with a spacer for older models.

BMW S1000R

My go to company for bio grade parts

Hornet Tailtidy

Best quality on the market and great service as ever

Great quality

Great quality. Received it in two weeks to Canada with Royal Mail shipping.

Not worth the money.

I’ve used Evotech items before and they are great and easy to install. I spent 5 hours installing this to my bike. 3 hours was trying to align the two bottom screws. I have a feeling that the **** holes were off a tad.
There is vibration when riding especially when accelerating, and bumpy roads. If I had to choose again, it would be a bar and bracket from eBay that’s half the price ,or a ball mount.

Action cam holder

A good bit of kit easy to fit. The camera angle is cool lower to the ground

However for what it is very expensive needs to be around the £30 mark !

Great fit and finish for the Duke 390 2017

The part is very light compared to the passenger pegs
the fit is exact with no issues and it looks great


Perfect for my triumph, instal easy.

Just perfect !! looks like original parts and ... what a look !

Another superb product

This kit has everything. The spacers and longer hex bolts you don’t even realise you need until you remove the stock ones, great finish on the billet steel part. The only thing you can do to improve it, is purchase the plain black quad lock clip (from Quad Lock to replace the blue one) and add a vibration dampener which only adds approx 10mm to the height (also from Quad Lock). I was so impressed with this and the tail tidy I also ordered the full spindle set and upper radiator guard.

Streetfighter V2 Tail Tidy - unmatched quality

This kit is built impeccably. Superb finish and fits perfectly, no tweaking needed. Looks great - glad I went with EVOTECH.

Z900 Tail Tidy

Great quality and build. Easy to fit.
Came with everything you would need.


Never used Evotech stuff before, having always gone for cheaper kits. Has to be said, well worth the extra money, its easy to fit, beautifully machined and looks awesome on the bike. Will definitely be buying again in future

Brexit and it's consequences

Since the engine guard protector was not available in Germany I had to pay extra customs charges. I would have welcomed it if I had known this beforehand. Be carefull when ordering from England!
The protector looks good.


Super easy install, arrived very fast, packaged excellently. Very impressed with this product and others from Evotech.

Bar end weight for Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro

I installed these along with the matching crash bobbins, wheel spindle bobbins, and swing arm bobbin mainly for tip-over protection and to tidy up the OEM aesthetics. The materials and fitment of EP accessories is consistently good, based on my experience buying EP accessories for other bikes I've owned.

Spindle bobbins for Triumph 1200 GT Pro

I purchased a set of these for my previous motorcycle and liked them so much I purchased a set for my new Tiger. The materials and fitment are outstanding, and they tidy up the appearance of the existing wheel attachments while also keeping the internals clean. You'll need two 13 mm hex sockets in order to tighten the spindle nuts to specifications. If you follow the downloadable instructions, installation is easy.

Crash Bobbins for Tiger 1200 GT Pro

Evotech ships promptly, and delivery to the USA took less than 1 week. The bobbins materials and fitment are excellent. You'll need a Torx 55 driver bit to remove the original engine bolts, and you'll need a long 10mm hex bit (or 2" socket extender) for your torque wrench to tighten them to the 90 Nm specifications. As long as you have the required tools and follow the downloadable instructions, installation is easy and quick.

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Very good lever set, quality and touch also very good.
Expedition also very quick
Just remark, for your lever I need the OEM part in your instruction
and this OEM is very difficult to remove from the OEM lever.
For more information send me an email, i can send you photo from the problem.

Solid quality piece of engineering

A buy once item that for me, needs to be the best. Quick delivery, well packaged using sustainable materials. The crash bungs themselves feel top quality, as do the fixing bolts and spacers. Including a little thread lock may have been useful, but the prices are good and overall very satisfied.

Brilliant product

I'll only ever buy evotech products for my bikes. Quality products and fit perfectly. Quality finish on all their products and easy to install. Won't go anywhere else!

Excelent Product

Excelent product and service, the delivery take to long, they must have to improve that.
The products are excellent.

Tail tidy

Good quality material and uses all oem products neat lines after fitted

Marvelous product. Fitted perfectly. Easy installation. Recommend for other buyers