EP Engine Guard for Ducati Multistrada 950/950 S

Evotech Performance has successfully completed a new EP Engine Guard for the Ducati Multistrada 950/950 S. We apologise for the late arrival of this EP accessory, but if you thought this would ordinarily be an easy design and manufacture process for our experienced design and fabrication teams… well yes, but in order to maintain our policy of quality and ease of fit, additional design details were required that took a little longer than anticipated.

Despite already listing an EP Engine Guard for the Ducati Multistrada, from the outset we decided that the latest (2019) Multistrada 950 engine guard should, as a matter of good working practice, also fits previous models, and this led to a complete redesign of the mounting system, which had the knock on effect of requiring new 3D scans, CAD profiles and instigating new CAM programmes. And all this before even producing a prototype that would lead to refining the machining process, producing templates and jigs and then fabricating the components into a finished, exquisite product worthy of our logo. But we have…

We are, therefore, pleased to announce we now have stock of this new EP Engine Guard to suit the Ducati Multistrada 950 (2017-19) and 950 S (2019). The guard itself follows the same protection qualities as the previous version in that it is produced from durable 3mm 5000-series aluminium and fabricated to ensure a close fit to the engine for maximum ground clearance. Detail touches include a section of our hexagonal matrix pattern mesh (as used on EP Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards) to allow uninterrupted flow of cooling air to the front engine cylinder, and styling cut outs to deliver a stylish as well as effective “bash plate” – an engine guard isn’t usually the first thing that catches a person’s attention but we excel at being different from the norm.

The mounting system is a two stage affair: a supplied bracket aids support of the rear of the engine guard, while the front section mounts to the lower cylinder head’s exhaust studs via an EP flange. This front bracket connects to the main guard body and is rubber mounted to isolate engine vibration. Installation is a direct fit, very easy and requires no modifications to the chassis. A top coat of black powder coat is the finishing touch.

By Evotech Performance on 04 November 2019

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