EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kits now available

Evotech Performance has introduced an all-new accessory line, EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kit, which provides handlebar protection with the emphasis on function and style, and, on some models, additional rider comfort. The EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kits have been produced to suit motorcycles within the categories of adventure, adventure-sport and naked/retro.

There are two types of kits available. The first features a bar protector produced from billet aluminium and fabricated to fit around the standard plastic hand guards used on the BMW Motorrad GS series. The second type of kit has Evotech Performance supplied hand guards included with the EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kit in order to give the same level of hand protection as the GS models.

Development of EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kits came about when one of our design team who owns a BMW R 1250 GS was worried the standard hand guards on their own were too flimsy and fragile and likely to be easily damaged. For this reason Evotech Performance designed a system that would provide substantial protection to these paddles and, at the same time, the clutch and brake levers and the handlebar ends.

Following our rigid development and testing procedures, the first EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kit was for the BMW Motorrad R 1200 GS (2103-18) and the all-new 2019 R 1250 GS series. This new accessory proved to be exceptional in function and form during test and development stages; it became the basis of kits for other models e.g. S 1000 XR. The idea of EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kits that included EP supplied plastic hand guards for models outside of the adventure bike genre soon followed and the first such kit for the BMW R nineT is also now available.

The EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kit for the BMW R 1200/ 1250 GS motorcycles are similar to the kit for the S 1000 XR in that they all feature a left and right-hand machined aluminium bar protector machined from 5000-series aluminium alloy and fabricated to flow along the external lines of the factory supplied L&R hand guards. The bar protectors are securely mounted at two points: 1) via the original hand guard mounts on the handlebar, and 2) with the supplied EP stainless steel bar end weights – derivatives of the popular EP Bar Ends that provide a greater degree of protection and help to reduce vibration felt through the handlebar.

For the BMW R nineT EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kit, we have included hand guards to deliver the same level of protection from the elements and road debris as the BMW GS range of bikes. The plastic hand guards are not aftermarket items but original BMW items to offer a good balance of form – they add an extra-large slice of cool – and function and further underline the quality of Evotech Performance EP accessories.

Included with the R nineT kit are CNC machined aluminium mounting brackets to provide a solid connection between the handlebar and the combination of hand guard and bar protector – the throttle side’s bracket features cut out to allow routing of the throttle cable.

All of the EP Hand Guard & Bar Protection Kits feature durable black powder coat finish on the aluminium components and additional supplied fasteners are stainless steel. As with all EP accessories, no modifications to the main chassis or chassis components are required.

By Evotech Performance on 04 November 2019

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