Evotech Performance delivers with eco-friendly packaging

Until recently, EP accessories and accessory components were packaged in branded, recyclable low / high density poly-bags before being placed in recyclable protective packaging. However, despite the “green” tag associated with plastic-type bags, issues with waste processing and sustainability has led Evotech Performance to phase out the use of plastic bag and material packaging in favour of eco-friendly alternatives.

In order to replace plastic bag packaging, Evotech Performance has chosen more “traditional” methods of ensuring component parts remain packaged securely and safely. Presently we are introducing “old fashioned” paper bags to replace plastic packaging where possible. The new paper packing bags are produced from recycled paper or wood pulp to ensure they are reusable, recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

The use of paper bag packaging follows Evotech Performance’s previous decision to stop using bubble wrap as protective loose packaging in favour of a paper and tissue-based 3D honeycomb alternative. Used in conjunction with 100% recyclable packaging boxes, all of the company’s packaging will swiftly fall within the desired “Three Rs” – reduction, reuse and recycling – to further reduce its carbon footprint.

By introducing recyclable and biodegradable plain packaging, Evotech Performance is doing its utmost to reduce its carbon footprint. Even though the use of paper bags brings additional purchase costs and a slight dip in work production efficiency, we can all effectively live with this… unlike continued plastic film waste.

By Evotech Performance on 28 January 2020

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