Evotech Performance goes bigger by design

Hello and welcome to the first Evotech Performance “blog” of 2018. Firstly, we here at Evotech Performance would like to thank our customers, old and new, for the tremendous feedback on our products. It gives us quite a buzz to read and hear words such as “quality… precise fit… factory finish...”

Evotech Performance Lincolnshire

Quality by design is our mantra and has been since day one of the formation of Evotech Performance. To achieve this, we have married years of fabrication experience – we’ve grown from spotty apprentices to fully-trained engineers – with today’s ultra-precise fabrication / engineering technology of Computerised Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). In short, we are equipped with latest engineering techniques and machines to produce quality motorcycle accessories from an original idea through to the finished product, and all within our specialised Lincolnshire-based engineering factory.

One day in 2017, over a mug of tea, we decided to invest in more equipment to assist in production of Evotech Performance accessories. This then created a problem – we knew what equipment was required, but where to safely install it within an already concise manufacturing line? Let’s build an extension, said someone…

Just before Christmas 2017, work commenced on construction of an extension to the existing Evotech Performance factory. The day the groundworks team arrived to start work was, believe it or not, exciting. Not as exciting, though, as the moment we started to plan out the layout and refit of existing machinery and the installation of new equipment.

Of course, as engineers, we didn’t sketch out an installation floorplan on the back of a box of tea bags! No, we crafted a scaled floor layout from aluminium and acrylic, with all the production equipment represented by named laser-cut acrylic pieces. Placing these pieces on the model floorplan proved to be like Tetris, where playing tiles have to turned or shifted sideways to match up and make a sequence of order!

Evotech Performance extension

Our engineering version of Tetris is well under way, as is the construction of the factory extension. The proposed completion date of March this year, hopefully, weather permitting, will be met.

One of the first pieces of new equipment to fill a greater area of the 90m² extension is a new powder coating centre to replace our existing system. The new centre will have the capacity to increase productivity by almost double. We are one of the few engineering companies to have an in-house powder coating facility because it’s necessary to ensure a high standard of finish matches the quality of the fabricated components.

For the latest Evotech Performance product updates, news and general goings on please connect with our social media pages.

Evotech Performance goes bigger by design
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