Evotech Performance release Ducati Monster 1200 crash protection

Ducati Monster 1200 & 1200s Crash Protectors

Evotech Performance have started developing a range of products for the ever popular Ducati Monster. The Monster 1200 is new for 2014 and promises to be just as popular as previous incarnations of the Ducati Monster range. The first EP product to be released for the 1200 and 1200s model is the crash protection systemducati-monster-1200-crash-protection-001

Crash Bobbin Placement

Here at Evotech Performance, we consider every detail of a product. Bobbin head (crash bung) placement is a particularly tricky detail to get right, as every bike and every crash is different. There is an optimum position for a crash bobbin (slider) on a bike, often where there is no obvious mounting point. ducati-monster-1200-crash-protection-002

Perfect Ducati Integration

The great benefit of naked bikes is that you can see all of the engineering and design details, including the iconic Ducati trellis frame, that would otherwise be covered by a fairing. At the heart of the Evotech Performance crash protectors is a beautifully integrated mounting bracket that spans between the two main engine mounts, providing placement for the bobbin head (crash bung). The EP bracket is designed to subtly blend in with the lines of the bike whilst diverting any impact away from the trellis frame, reducing the force at any one point on the bike. ducati-monster-1200-crash-protection-004  

Complete Crash Protection

Our EP crash protection system works together to reduce any damage incurred in the unfortunate event of an incident. The abrasion resistant, nylon bobbin head absorbs the initial impact, transferring forces evenly through the incredibly robust aluminium arm. The EP design team have used all of their experience to produce a system that will help to limit the damage to your Ducati. Instructions Icon  Click the instruction icon for a full set of crash protection fitting instructions Over the coming weeks Evotech Performance will be releasing their full range of products for the Ducati Monster 1200 and 1200s
By Dan Rack on 28 March 2014

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