Got a story to share?

As big motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we’re always keen to hear from you, our customers, on how you get on with your new EP accessories.

Not only does customer feedback give other customers the confidence to purchase Evotech Performance products, we use customer feedback to shape a number of our big decisions; from prioritising which bikes we work with next, to the simplicity of our installation instructions and everything that goes on in between.

So whether it’s to let us know what you think of the look and feel of our accessories, customer service, or even if you’ve been unfortunate enough to test the protective qualities of our EP Crash Protection – we want to hear from you!

Sergey got in touch with the team via Facebook to thank us for our EP Crash Protection, which saved his bike after a high-speed slide…

“Basically I was in Lithuania on a highway after the rain. I was doing about 65mph(105 km/h) and when I went to change lanes for an overtake, the rear tyre hit either some oil or standing water in rut created by a truck.

The rear first fishtailed to the right (not a lot), then wildly to the left; the bike moved to the other lane and then came around like a pendulum to a long skid on the right side!

The bike continued to slide on its side and came to stop nearly after 180 degrees. I let the bike go or was thrown (I don't remember as it all happened very fast) as it was coming on the right side and slid on my right leg and elbow about 30 meters before the bike.

I was extremely lucky there was not a lot of traffic and some motorists stopped and helped me pick up the bike and move it on the side of the highway.”

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By Evotech Performance on 27 February 2020