Happy holidays!

Heatwave and hose pipe bans in the UK. Heatwave and savage thunderstorms throughout Europe. While we are are not sure of the weather in all international countries, in Blighty and neighbouring countries, it is most definitely summertime. Hoorah!

This is the time of year most motorcyclists wheel out their motorcycles and take to the roads like flying ants take to the skies. Yep, thousands of freedom-seeking riders are now making the most of their weekends and evenings or looking forward to a relaxing biking holiday.

We here at Evotech Performance are motorcyclists. We can spend our tea break and lunchtimes boring each other by recounting personal biking stories. On the plus side, we can give each other practical and technical advice based on personal experiences too.

Maps are useful but not when stashed in a rucksack or inside a tank bag pocket when you need to turn the page. Digital maps viewed on screen and give turn-by-turn instructions, mileage countdown and more info are so much better. Smartphones with map apps to view or capable of being Bluetooth-linked to the bike’s TFT dash display, or dedicated GPS, are brilliant and we wouldn’t leave home without one or the other. But, as many of us know, they can be a faff to fit with universal brackets – the amount of switchgear now found on handlebars makes the old U-bolt clamp and ball socket mount redundant.

EP phone/GPS specific mounting brackets provide a secure method of mounting your guidance unit in a viewable position. With the inclusion of screen angle adjustment, there’s no reason to miss another junction… The huge range of bike specific EP top fork yoke smartphone/GPS mounts are also available with precise connection bases to suit the most popular connectors such as Quad Lock, Beeline Moto, Garmin, TomTom and more.

We also fabricate fairing screen mounts for guidance devices. These are available for a range of bikes but predominantly adventure bikes. This allows for a more direct, head-up view of the GPS or smartphone screen and leaves the tank more accessible for tang bags to be fitted. The one downside of fitting an electronic guidance unit is the old excuse of “I got lost” doesn’t now cut it with waiting partners.

One last piece of EP advice for mounting smartphones, especially if using smartphones with image stability/mega expensive cameras as standard. Evotech Performance recommends using a phone install manufacturer’s vibration damping system, which EP mounts readily accept.

Nobody expects the worse especially when full of excitement about a going on holiday. But there’s no harm in being prepared against unforeseen incidents. Evotech Performance produces a huge array of protection accessories. We’re not suggesting you need every available EP product for your bike but, based on experience, the difference between a hassle-free holiday or one stuck at the side of the road can be the fitment of EP Main Crash Protection, or Radiator Guard or even something not so obvious like handlebar lever protection. Have a good summer!

Photo credit: Chris Ackerman (Evotech Performance | Rider Torque)

By Evotech Retail on 30 June 2023