Hicky returns to EP HQ

Nobody has ever lapped the Isle of Man faster on two wheels – but can Peter Hickman perform as well under the pressure of a day in the Evotech Performance factory?!

Well, the Lincolnshire flier has an advantage there as he actually used to work for us straight out of school!

But Hickman, 35, was still impressed with how much the site in Alford has changed in the last few years.

“This place is absolutely massive compared to when I was here,” he said. “Chris and Dan are making sure everything is as efficient as possible – it’s mega.”

Hickman was able to get up close and personal with our 3D scanning and printing operation and helped fabricate parts for his race bike - accurate to within 0.02mm.

“It’s brilliant that Evotech is based in the UK, manufactured in the UK and in Lincolnshire only 20 minutes away from me in Louth!,” he said. “My parents are only three miles away so to have that link with a local company that keeps growing and to see the quality of the parts they make is absolutely brilliant.”

Evotech director Dan Rack said: “Pete used to work in the Evotech Performance factory right here in Lincolnshire, so he knows better than most how we use state-of-the-art processes and machinery to produce high quality aftermarket accessories!

“It was great to invite Pete back into EP HQ for a trip down memory lane and it was no surprise that he still had it when he swapped the racetrack for our 3D scanner!”  

Watch the full video here.

Keep tuned for more top riders coming to Evotech in our #RacerToMaker series.

By Evotech Retail on 18 October 2022