Kawasaki Z650 & Ninja 650 - Evotech Performance 2017 Product Launch

Evotech Performance Launch New Range of Accessories for Kawasaki Z650 and Ninja 650
Evotech Kawasaki Ninja 650 Z650 Motorcycle Accessories Tail Tidy Crash Protection Radiator Guard
Evotech Performance have launched their most recent wave of motorcycle accessories following the release of the 2017 Kawasaki Z650 and Ninja 650.

These mid-range bikes have the same engine and chassis at their core but could not look more different. The naked Z650 and the fully-faired Ninja 650 will appeal equally to different riders but they have one thing in common: they have both had the Evotech Performance design team create a range of bespoke products for you to choose from. Designed, manufactured and supplied from our premises in the U.K.


Tail Tidies

To tidy up the rear end, we have produced a much neater and compact tail tidy for each machine.  Our fender eliminators are designed bespoke in an effort to eliminate the large unsightly standard plastic unit, ensuring that all indicator wiring is carefully hidden within the unit. We have made replacing the fender very simple with no re-wiring required. To maintain this simplicity, we have included an LED number plate light. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, and given EP’s classic textured powder-coated finish to maximise durability, these number plate brackets are designed to last.

Evotech Kawasaki Ninja 650 Z650 Tail Tidy Motorcycle Accessories



Radiator Guards

Evotech Performance radiator guards are regularly seen and highly respected in the racing paddocks.  The same quality of protection is on offer for both the Z650 and Ninja 650.  Each radiator grille we make is designed bespoke for each individual bike, ensuring a seamless fit to shield the precious radiator.  Our radiator protectors are CNC machined from one piece of aircraft- grade aluminium and uses the iconic Evotech Performance hexagonal matrix to maximise air flow into the bike. They are then powder coated in our durable textured black powder-coated finish.

Evotech Kawasaki Ninja 650 Z650 Radiator Guard Motorcycle Accessories


Crash Protection

For both the naked Z650 machine and its faired sibling, the Ninja 650, it is important to protect your bike as much as possible.  Our crash protection connects seamlessly to the engine mounting points to become a robust part of your machine. Designed to make contact with the ground before your motorcycle, the aim is to minimise damage in the unfortunate event of dropping your pride and joy. The bobbin sliders are made from a hard-wearing nylon polymer and also feature an impact absorbing polyurethane washer fitted just behind the bobbin head. The bobbin heads are available separately if required.

Evotech Kawasaki Ninja 650 Z650 Crash Protection Motorcycle Accessories


Spindle Bobbins

Essential for protecting your fork bottoms and swingarm, we have front and rear spindle bobbins available for both bikes. At the rear, our thoughtful design cloaks the unsightly rear wheel nut protruding on the left side, which is then mimicked on the right hand side for a precise, symmetrical appearance to both the Z650 and the Ninja 650. The spindles are produced in stainless steel with ultra strong rolled threads. The bobbin heads are made from the same nylon polymer as the Crash Protection and are available separately if required.

Evotech Kawasaki Ninja 650 Z650 Spindle Bobbin Motorcycle Accessories


Paddock Stand Bobbins

A convenient addition to your machine for maintenance and storage, the paddock stand bobbins bolt neatly onto the swingarm for both the Z650 and the Ninja 650.


Mirror Extensions

Available for the Z650 only, the mirror extensions add another 50 millimetres to the reach of both side mirrors.  This enhancement allows a greater vision and awareness of the road from your seat without having to shift position.


Pillion footrest blanking plates

Both the Z650 and Ninja 650 come with pillion foot pegs as standard. For many riders, these are an unnecessary addition and cannot wait to get them removed.  To avoid leaving a bare threaded hole in your machine, our blanking plates are precisely measured and milled to fill the recess and fixing points.  We powder coat these plates in our typical fine-textured matt black for a subtle cover-up.

Evotech Kawasaki Ninja 650 Z650 Paddock Stand Bobbin Mirror Extensions Footrest Blanking Plate Motorcycle Accessories

By Dan Rack on 18 May 2017

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