Lining up on the Evotech Performance racing grid

Another year and, at last, another race season. Yahoo! Even more excitingly, we’ve been at the fabrication end of our supported teams’ winter preparation. Busy is an understatement. But the very fact that we’re once again called upon by leading race teams competing within topflight race championships definitely says something about our EP product quality and the specialist fabrication service we provide.

So far this winter, we’ve been asked to supply what we call standard EP racing products (e.g. racing spec EP Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards and EP Brake Lever Protectors) and a raft of intricate one-off chassis components. This involves an awful lot of time 3D scanning motorcycle frames and swingarm, forks and bodywork to ensure EP component parts fit and work perfectly. Throw in the need to be durable (did anyone say crash resistant?) and “quick release” enabled, and the scope of detail work grows and grows.

There are occasions when the mix of producing EP road-going products and fabricating race components cause palpitations within the EP team because of the additional workload, but then we see the results of our labours that make it all worthwhile. We see smiling race technicians (a bonus), happy riders and team managers (the latter being a major achievement), solid race performances and of course, results.

By the time you’ve read this, a full list of Evotech Performance supported teams for 2020 will have been compiled, which we’ll take pleasure in sharing with you… along with news of another premier BSB team, complete with new MY20 model, that we are honoured to be supporting.

Watch this front row space…

By Evotech Performance on 27 February 2020