Making a bolt for it

You may be surprised to know Evotech Performance has been manufacturing its own cap head bolts since 2019. You might also be surprised to know Evotech Performance now retails these bolts. But you won’t be surprised to know EP Cap Head bolts are not quite the cheap plated-steel items you buy in packs of 10 from your local DIY stockist.

EP Cap Head bolts are produced to an exacting standard from 316 grade stainless steel – a grade that ensures high tensile strength. Another benefit of 316 stainless steel is it has a higher level of molybdenum, which contributes to its exceptional corrosion resistance. 316 grade fasteners are ideal for sea-going craft – the reason why it is commonly referred to as marine grade – and brilliant for motorcycle use.

When torqued to their correct value, EP Cap Head Bolts have a service life that is far superior to mild steel bolts, specifically OE motorcycle bolts. There’s also the matter of fastener coating on OE bolts, which in terms of quality the bright zinc coating can vary dramatically, as can the consistency of the thread (especially if the coating treatment isn’t 100% what it should be, as this can lead to very inconsistent thread quality). There’s also the matter of the OE fastener’s flanged or socket heads not always being to the required tolerance; ever wondered why some sockets fit well on some bolt heads and not on others, or why an Allen key may or may not fit easily against the internal drive walls?

So why don’t motorcycle manufacturers use 316 grade stainless steel fasteners in key areas such as wheel spindles, caliper and engine mounting bolts? Cost and time are the primary reasons; quality products and materials always cost more and take longer to produce. There is also the specialised tooling required to machine materials with a high tensile strength.

Evotech Performance replacement EP Cap Head Bolts and Caliper Bolt Sets e.g. Honda CBR1000RR-R SP (2020+) are produced in-house at our Lincolnshire-based factory on a Cincom L32 (v8+) sliding head automatic CNC lathe manufactured by Citizen Machinery Co, Ltd. Needless to say, production quality is assured. So, whether replacing M8/10/12 OE bolts on your motorcycle or require quality stainless steel bolts for another project (DIY or industrial), Evotech Performance has the answer.

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By Evotech Retail on 02 November 2023