Must have EP accessories now available for Ducati DesertX

It was only a matter of time before Ducati muscled in on the growing popularity of agile, off-road biased adventure bikes. They have done just that with the advent of DesertX. And now, Evotech Performance accessories will raise the styling and desirability cues of the new DesertX a few notches higher.

Ducati’s all-new DesertX is not just a serious trail-blasting tool; it will punch across rocky sections, cross deserts, rip up steep muddy mountain inclines and, yet, still cut a comfortable dash up and down the length of the A1. Or to the shops. Add to this the modern but iconic Dakar-styling (big screen, huge fuel tank capacity and tall suspension and wheels) and Ducati has undoubtedly another winning formula on its hands – one that demands the best of the best accessories.

Ducati DesertX owners can now add additional style and functionality with a suite of EP accessories designed specifically for road and off-road use.

Featured EP accessories

For much needed protection, Evotech Performance focused its design eyes on producing an EP Radiator Guard that will survive not just the ravages of road debris, but the savage pounding that comes with off-road mud, stones and varying flora and man-made debris Based on its years of experience with its supported short circuit race teams (McAMS, Honda Racing etc) and Tier 1 road racing teams, the resulting EP Radiator Guard is designed to protect and maintain optimum engine temperature, while looking every millimetre as stylish as the chassis it easily mounts to.

Another vital protection accessory is the EP Hand Guard Protectors kit. Quite simply, it’s armoured protection for the standard plastic handguards and riders’ hands – if you’ve never had a hand interaction with a rock face or tree branch, trust us, you’d wish you had purchased an Evotech Performance EP Hand Guard Protector Kit earlier than you expected to!

Additional EP protection and styling accessories are also available. Products listed within the EP Accessory Line for Ducati DesertX are available as individual items to suit individual customer requirements.

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By Evotech Retail on 21 September 2022