Racing to success with Evotech Performance

Evotech Performance’s involvement with motorcycles stretches further than you may think. Since the early days of Evotech Performance, it has been heavily involved supporting racing teams across the globe with designing and producing bespoke specialised component Accessories as well as, of course, EP Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards. So, with its hard work being used for racing – the harshest product test going – does Evotech Performance get the thumbs up from the folk at the sharp end of motorcycling? We put this to key team personnel from EP supported teams… and they answered.

John Mowatt, Team Leader - Be Wiser PBM Ducati

How long has Be Wiser PBM Ducati been associated with Evotech Performance and what EP components are you’re currently running?

We’ve been working with EP for around three years now, although I’ve known Dan Rack from EP for years! We’re using the rad guards this season and obviously their trusty T-bar holders. We’re hoping to run a few more bespoke components on the new bike too.

Why did the team choose Evotech Performance?

Their products are second to none and I get on really well with Dan and Chris! Dan’s experience working in the paddocks means he knows what teams need and all the Accessories are well thought about because of this.

You can tell they’ve taken a lot of time, care and attention with the manufacturing of the products and the quality is spot on as a result.

What is involved with continual development of the supplied items?

I speak to Dan fairly often, he’ll check if there’s anything we need and we’ll keep in touch but we tend to just leave him and Chris to it in terms of development; they know what they’re doing and we trust the product – we’ve never had a failure yet!

Lastly, what’s the best thing about working within team Be Wiser PBM Ducati?

Going home on a Sunday night.  Ha! Only kidding. We’re like a close knit family really so it’s great working together and it’s always a good laugh.

Mark McIvor, Logistics Manager / Technician – Tyco BMW

How did the relationship between Evotech Performance and Tyco BMW start?

I used to deal with EP when I worked with the Milwaukee Yamaha team, so I knew the quality was great. Tyco are now in their fourth season working with Evotech and, touch wood, we’ve never had a rad failure!

What EP components are you running with at Tyco?

At the moment, we’re using their EP radiator guards. It’s really important to have a good rad guard, especially in road racing due to the conditions of the roads. It’s not so bad on short circuits like this one and we’ll get a lot of wear out of the same guard, but in road racing we’ve hit some pretty big stones and the guard has always protected the radiator.

So how long would you keep an EP radiator guard in service?

We’ll keep them on as long as we can. Depending on the race and conditions of the road, they can last a full season or more and we only switch them out when they’ve taken a bloody good battering – even then we’ll keep them as collectors’ items, ha!

Do you and EP communicate much or have much input in development?

We’re in constant touch so we have a lot of communication with Dan Rack and Chris Vines – sometimes we can’t get off the phone! We don’t have much input in development because we trust the guys and they know what they’re doing so we just let them do their thing. We’ve never had a problem.

By Dan Rack on 27 July 2018

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