You can’t beat cubes, so the old saying goes. While this may be true in terms of outright performance and the thrill given, we can tell you from experience that the step up from a 50cc moped/scooter, or that first ride on a motorcycle on “just a 125” for a lot of people is equally a momentous and memorable occasion.

Can you remember your first ‘learner bike’ outing? The rush of excitement! The rising heartbeat from nervousness! Or that feeling of pride and joy from owning a motorcycle and the independence it delivers? We can. And we also know those feelings never go away no matter the size of engine, age or bike genre.

Along with that instant hit of love for motorcycling, there comes a growing need for personalisation. It can be something pretty basic for starters, like a well-placed decal kit or accessory sticker. Then that desire to make your bike different gets stronger. As with today’s riders, us oldies at Evotech Performance wanted our starting out bikes to look minimalist, super sharp or even more race replica than they already were.

It wasn’t uncommon to take a utility blade or mother’s carving knives to the rear mudguard, the one with soft-ish plastic and trim it down in size. But no matter how sharp the knife it wouldn’t cut the required line or curve, so then you’d have to trim it again in the vain hope of getting left and right sides to match! Then there were engine case protectors made from chromed, heavyweight steel tubing that would knacker the bike’s ground clearance and knock 5mph off the top speed because of their weight.

As for radiator guards on the AR, RG, RD LC’s and early water-cooled four-stroke bikes of yesteryear! Galvanised wire mesh never did look good and perforated aluminium simply didn’t let enough required cooling air through. Plus it’d always rub against something it shouldn’t and bugger it up… Unbelievably perhaps, our early biking days were good and bad in equal measure.

The good news is there’s no need for the same trial and tribulation of shed-made efforts today. Evotech Performance has been manufacturing protection systems and functional accessories for many years. We are geared up to produce accessories to ensure they fit and perform to the highest standard. As time-served engineers – and motorcyclists – armed with 3D scanning equipment and other similar modern engineering processes, we view all motorcycles in the same light regardless of capacity, this is why we also input the same level of detail on products for 1000cc or 125cc bikes.

Take Suzuki’s latest GSX-R125 and its naked sibling GSX-S125. Many folk will simply dismiss them as “tiddlers… learner bikes… cheap starter machines…” but they aren’t if you’re the owner. Quite simply they are the best thing ever; a road to freedom; a vital commuting tool; a bike to be proud of. And, in the same way a GSX-R750/1000 owner will want to cherish and protect their bike, a GSX-R125 owner will want to do the same. This is not surprising considering these learner legal A2 category “tiddlers” are priced new starting from £3,699!

Needless to say, being water-cooled, the two GSX 125 models will benefit from our EP Radiator Guard – not just in terms of protection but, as in the case of the naked model, it will look even more stylish. The EP Crash Protectors for the same bike will minimise any unfortunate tarmac spill because the protector blocks are the same construction as many of our protectors for larger capacity machines. The EP Tail Tidy isn’t a cheap plastic replacement thing, but is an all-aluminium unit that, when assembled, makes the GSX models look even more sports-focussed. An additional sales point on top of style and function is that no one needs to blunt the household knives, or slash their hands with broken strands of chicken mesh!

For more info on Evotech Performance accessories for the Suzuki GSX-R125 and GSX-S125 (inc GP models), please visit our online shop.
By Evotech Performance on 27 March 2018

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