There’s something quite special about open-roads racing, or as the Irish would say “real road racing.”

We’re talking actual roads that are closed for the purpose of racing on and not closed-circuit courses, such as Silverstone, Jerez, Phillip Island and more. Being able to view from literally metres away from the action adds a new dimension to spectating; it certainly raises body hairs and causes body twitches anyway!

Add to this the sound of an engine being used appropriately, the smell of waste gasses and the “oohs” and “aaahs” of fellow spectators, road racing is a proper spectator fest – more so if a brew and tasty hot pie are available close by.

The main international road racing season kicked off with the North West 200. Watch the internet heavy videos and tell us you aren’t amazed at the sight of bikes and riders flat out downhill, uphill, between natural vegetation, stone-ringed houses and kerbs! Respect where respect is due to all who compete at this great Northern Ireland spectacle. Portrush and the surrounding villages are ordinarily a place of scenic charm; during the NW200 it’s the place to be if you’re a bike owner or racing fan.

However, road racing’s mecca is actually held a few miles to the right of Ireland and still in the Irish Sea. The Isle of Man is only 14 miles wide and 22 miles long but is home for two weeks of the year to arguably the most famous road racing event, the Isle of man Tourist Trophy. Or in race fan speak, the TT.

The NW200 is often viewed as a warm-up to the TT. Where riders, bikes and the teams can hopefully prepare for two weeks of intense and close racing against the clock on the famous 37.3-mile TT course. Part of that preparation is ensuring the race bikes are protected against damage during a race. On open roads, despite the numerous hours spent cleaning the courses, grit, stones, leaves, twigs and occasionally bits ‘n’ bobs from bikes and public vehicles become bullets or missiles that can inflict serious damage to radiators and oil coolers. Being listed as DNF is heartache enough; DNF due to road debris is a whole new level of misery.

When road racing teams and riders including such greats as Peter Hickman (current TT lap record holder) or Michael Dunlop elect to use Evotech Performance Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards, Exhaust Hangers, Lever Protectors and more, we are genuinely pleased to know they are being used to the max – a kind of real-world endorsement.

Once again, we wish every rider a successful 2024 TT – did you know that road racing places more stress through a rolling chassis and engine than a closed circuit race that getting across the finish line, regardless of position, is considered a success. We also wish every TT visitor a safe but fun time at the 2024 IoM TT. We wish we could be there.

By Evotech Retail on 28 May 2024