Time, resource & expertise… or lack of

Quite simply, Evotech Performance is one of the leading manufacturers of specialised motorcycle accessories. It would be fair to say we hold a fearsome reputation for designing and fabricating quality component parts that go to make a specific EP product. Underlining this is the fact EP accessories retail worldwide, with customers actually requesting our products.

Obviously, being a relatively small business, we are really proud that when a customer from the opposite side of the world from our Lincolnshire-based factory gives a glowing, honest, independent review of our products. Unfortunately, we are becoming a victim of your reviews on the quality of our products by counterfeiters. Everyday we see a blatant copy of our unique-to-each model products and it pains us…

95% of the Evotech Performance staff are motorcyclists; motorcyclists who also happen to be skilled, time-served fabrication engineers with a passion for producing quality motorcycle accessories. Even though Evotech Performance is quite open about buying specialised new manufacturing equipment to speed up production levels, but all the time we remain committed to delivering, quality made products that are equal, if not better, to original factory-fit items.

So it hurts when our investment in manufacturing equipment, skilled workforce and the additional effort they place in making the best bike accessories is blatantly copied, reproduced from lesser quality materials and with little or no investment in product research and development because we have effectively done all the hard work. And let’s not forget the required manufacturing processes we must, as a legitimate business, comply with and adhere to.

A materials supplier to Evotech Performance must provide COC (Certificate of Conformity) statements to ensure we can maintain a high level of quality. It all gives us traceability, which is a requirement should material of a finished EP product be called into account. Traceability is part of QMS (Quality Management Services), a requirement of a certificated standard to show that a business i.e. Evotech Performance consistently provides products / services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. This standard is known as ISO 9001, of which Evotech Performance proudly holds. This enables us to commit to a “no quibble guarantee,” something rarely seen on a counterfeit item.

Something that is never seen on a counterfeit item, but is on an EP product package, is a job code issued when a production job appears on the work schedule. Used in conjunction with the COC code, the exact history of any EP accessory can be revealed. Think of when, where, who and how… Going back to QMS, traceability is also used to improve/refine Evotech Performance manufacturing processes, which can lead to even greater EP product quality while maintaining good work practice/efficiency.

Don’t think you’ll see the time, resource, cost and such consumer-friendly attributes involved with all of the above practices on a cheap look-a-like EP accessory any time soon. Because you won’t.

By Evotech Performance on 01 June 2021