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On the right track

Having only just designed and produced our first ever EP Sat Nav Mounts, we have been overwhelmed with requests for similar mounts for models additional to the Ducati Multistrada 1260 and 950 series. Recently we introduced an EP Sat Nav mount for the R 1250 GS and have just produced the first batch of mounts to suit latest generation 1200 and 800cc Triumph Tigers. More models are in the pipeline. While the majority of EP Sat Nav Mount systems are predominantly available for adventure-style motorcycles, select road-based (sports, retro, naked bikes etc) motorcycles will be catered for in the near future. All available EP Sat Nav Mount systems are listed on the Evotech Performance website: EP Sat Nav Mount

Each mount is manufactured from high-grade aluminium and attach securely to the motorcycle to place the sat nav unit within the rider’s peripheral vision for easy viewing. The growing range of EP mounts also takes into account the different mounting systems of market leading sat nav systems and GPS enabled smartphones. All Evotech Performance Sat Nav Mounts are available with either a Garmin or TomTom specific mounting adaptor to suit customers’ requirements.

Evotech Performance has also designed its EP Sat Nav Mounts to accommodate smartphones to be adapted for motorcycle use. Quad Lock® and UltimateAddons utilise smartphone protective cases with QD mounting systems. Therefore, EP Sat Nav Mounts are now available to suit both of these increasingly popular methods of electronic route guides, again with the required fitting adaptor plate and, in the case of the Quad Lock system, a genuine Quad Lock captive mount point.

Kawasaki Z400 proving smaller is just as good

The Evotech Performance team are made up of seasoned motorcyclists but even so, we are still surprised by certain aspects of the motorcycle industry. Take, for example, the new Kawasaki MY19 Z400. A simple, modern-styled (angular lines), 399cc parallel twin-cylinder machine that looks fantastic but arguably not a strong selling bike in the UK.

However, the rest of the world is a different matter. It appears the little Kawasaki Z400 has won the hearts of many new motorcyclists and struck a chord with riders in countries that are subject to capacity and power restrictions. For these reasons alone, sales of Z400 related EP accessories are selling well and this will undoubtedly include EP Crash Protectors, which are now in production stage.

As with all EP Crash Protectors, the Z400 system consists of EP specific nylon bobbins (low profile-type) moulded around EP designed anodised aluminium cores to achieve a strong mechanical connection to the bike’s chassis via supplied CNC machined mounting bracket and EP stainless steel bolts. As usual, no modifications are needed to any bodywork or ancillaries and, when installed, look every millimetre a standard item. With the rest of the Z400 EP Accessory Line in place, this Kawasaki makes for a stunning motorcycle for total motorcycle riding enjoyment.

Making better something good

BMW Motorrad’s MY19 R 1250 GS has been a world-wide strong seller for the Bavarian company. With good reason, too; the new 1250 engine with variable valve timing is unbelievably punchy for a flat-twin. Wedged into a tried and trusted chassis package complete with new electronics that work, long-term R 1200 GS owners are quite rightly trading up and fighting to buy the new machine with riders who suddenly have a taste for German-made adventure-based bikes with a healthy dose of get up and go performance.

For all of the above reasons – plus the fact our GS owner is not getting any younger – Evotech Performance took delivery of a new R 1250 GS two months ago. So far, it is proving to be everything BMW promised and obviously better still with EP accessories attached. But one thing about the new GS that has puzzled us is the bar-mounted hand paddle guards that are, in our minds, fragile. We are convinced that a simple fall over on gravel would do them and the handlebar controls no favours at all.

Because we are engineers, we decided to design a system that should provide substantial protection to these paddles and, at the same time, the control switch gear. Using previous design experience when manufacturing race specification and road-going EP Front Brake Lever Protector Kits, we eventually settled on a design for the engineering workshop to produce working prototypes.

Currently, the first-design EP Damage Deflectors (just one of many possible product names under discussion) are undergoing pre-production evaluation and all seems to be going according to plan. The main sections are CNC machined and fabricated aluminium that mount to the bar ends and follow the outer line of the handlebar paddles before attaching to the paddle mounting points. This design means the EP Damage Deflectors will seamlessly blend into the R 1250 GS as if standard fitment. Testing and design adjustments are ongoing. Watch this space for more news.

What’s next?

The Evotech Performance ideas list never seems to reduce let alone run out! It seems that every time we look at a new or existing motorcycle models, we see a new EP accessory that could be produced. The simple fact is we do have to stop ourselves thinking of new products because time is always against us and even us EP worker ants have to have time to recharge our batteries.

One new product that is currently underway is an EP Engine Guard (also known as a bash plate) for the Ducati Multistrada 950. To date we have spent considerable time 3D scanning the underside of this model and, by using the latest software,  produce an engine guard that will please Multistrada 950 owners for its engine-hugging lines, ease of fit and, above all, its protection qualities. Next step is to allocate time (if anyone has any spare, please let us know) for the EP workshop team to produce a working prototype.

By Evotech Performance on 28 August 2019

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