Ducati Supersport - Evotech Performance 2017 Product Launch

Evotech Performance Launch Product Range for 2017 Ducati Supersport and Supersport S

Evotech Ducati Supersport Motorcycle Accessories Tail Tidy Crash Protection Radiator GuardEvotech Performance’s latest product development has been for the versatile Ducati Supersport and Supersport S.  Both models offer sports bike performance whilst blending aesthetics with comfort. The Supersport and Supersport S have maintained the classic Ducati’s thumping Vee-Twin engine and single sided swinging-arm whilst the modern fully-faired body creates a sleek, appealing look.

Evotech Performance have worked with one of the first bikes to be released to make a range of parts bespoke for both the Supersport and Supersport S. These include our popular Tail Tidies, Radiator Guards and Crash Protection.


Tail Tidy – Fender Eliminator

The main body of the Tail Tidy is produced from aircraft-grade sheet aluminium, then precision machined and fabricated using our own in-house CNC machinery.  The styling is akin to the Evotech Performance Tail Tidy for the Ducati Monster 1200R but this part is bespoke for the Supersport.  Intricately designed indicator mounts are machined using 5 axis technology to ensure robust and perfect interface between the indicators and the Tail Tidy. All wires are carefully and discreetly hidden on the underside of the Fender Eliminator for a clean and subtle look. Finished in our typical durable matt black powder coating, this is a Tail Tidy to be proud of.Evotech Ducati Supersport Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator Motorcycle Accessories



Crash Protection

Crash Protection for the Ducati Supersport is robustly fitted using the front and rear engine mounting points in the exact same way as our very popular Ducati Monster 1200 Crash Protection. Each main bracket has been CNC machined from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminium billet. The Nylon bobbin sliders are carefully positioned to avoid the need to drill or modify the sleek fairings in any way.  They protrude from the side of the bike enough to not be in the way of the rider but should minimise damage to the fairings in the unfortunate event of a spill. To enable us to design the crash protection the way that we wanted to, the standard plastic inner side panels needed to be replaced with bespoke rubber mounted aluminium panels. These are a direct replacement and subtly blend into the bike. The coolant bottle level indicator is still visible through our new cover. All the parts are supplied in our typical durable black powder coated finish for that subtle factory look.

Evotech Ducati Supersport Crash Protection Protectors Sliders Motorcycle Accessories


Radiator & Oil Cooler Guards

Evotech Performance Radiator and Oil-Cooler Guards use our signature hexagonal matrix to maximise airflow whilst ensuring tough protection from road debris. Powder-coated in our matt black finish, these guards offer discreet yet durable protection. They also offer race-proven pedigree from many British Superbike and international racing teams. Look closely at Shane 'Shakey' Byrne's Be-Wiser Ducati Panigale Superbike and you'll see an Evotech Performance Radiator Guard. Add that to 2 x TT wins with Ian Hutchinson on the TYCO BMW and 4 of Peter Hickman's 5 impressive 2017 TT podiums, on the Smiths BMW and Triumph Daytona, and you can be sure that EP guards are a worthy protective addition to your pride and joy. 

Evotech Ducati Supersport Radiator Guard Motorcycle Accessories


Spindle Bobbins

Essential for protecting your fork bottom and swingarm, Evotech Performance have designed bespoke front and rear Spindle Bobbins/Axle Sliders for the Ducati Supersport. For the rear spindle, the single sided swinging-arm has resulted in a single-sided bobbin.  The exhaust side is covered with a hub stop in a striking red anodised finish to compliment the Ducati’s scarlet livery. The spindles are produced in stainless steel with ultra-strong rolled threads. The bobbin heads are made from the same nylon polymer as the Crash Protection and are available separately if required.

Evotech Ducati Supersport Spindle Bobbins Sliders Crash Protection Motorcycle Accessories



To improve the Ducati Supersport and Supersport S handlebars, Evotech Performance offer two key products.  Replacement Brake and Clutch Levers and Bar Ends.

EP Levers offer greater adjustment and style to the Supersport.  These come in two options: the Short Lever, which in the unlikely event of a crash is much less likely to receive an impact; the Folding Lever, which are a more conventional length but will fold upon impact to move the lever out of harm’s way.

In addition, we offer replacement Bar Ends made from weighty stainless steel to dampen road vibration through the handlebars.  Our Bar Ends are CNC turned before being powder-coating in our signature durable matt black finish to create a sleek and subtle look.

Caliper guards are also available for the front brake caliper.  Precisely shaped from sheets of aircraft-grade aluminium, these will help to minimise damage to your calipers from roadside stones and debris should the unlikely happen.

Evotech Ducati Supersport Brake Clutch Levers Bar Ends Caliper Guards Motorcycle Accessories


All products have electronic step-by-step instructions to guide each buyer through the installation process. These are downloadable from the individual product pages on our website.

Evotech Performance are proud that our parts are designed, produced and distributed from our premises in the United Kingdom.  We distribute our parts throughout the World with a range of carriers, dependent upon location and weight. We never accept sub-standard products, our passion is to perfect your motorbike.  Should you be unhappy in any way, please contact us directly.

Evotech Performance work with a range of trusted partners to access the latest bikes and models.  We are extremely grateful to our partners at Italia Moto in Lincoln for supplying the Ducati Supersport.

By Dan Rack on 10 August 2017