In with the new

Evotech Performance prides itself on producing quality aftermarket motorcycle accessories. From initial idea to design, through to manufacturing processes and packaging, we strive to bring to market accessories of a standard that we, as motorcycle owners, would appreciate. Add the fact the Evotech Performance team is made up of time-served (read experienced, analytical and self-critical) engineers then that is a very high standard indeed.

What many of our customers do not know is that we also dedicate time to make EP products already in production – and endorsed by thousands of EP customers – even closer to absolute perfection.

 In some cases, Evotech Performance will be forced to make small changes to a product or its mounting components because the motorcycle manufacturer or its component supplier has changed or adapted or even revised specifications to chassis or electrical connection parts where an EP item is to be installed. EP products are liable to revision because of new manufacturing processes that enable component parts to be produced with more detail; this also allows the design team to introduce styling updates to ensure our accessories follow the lines and design cues of the motorcycle.

One other reason for accessory revisions is to further our highly regarded reputation for producing accessories that are easy to fit and maintain our values of quality, longevity and, of course, the safety aspect of fitted EP products.

One very good example of change to simplify and better an original design is the latest mounting system for the EP Rear Hub Bobbins to fit the BMW Motorrad range of Cardan shaft final drive motorcycles such as the R-GS and R nineT range of machines and more.

The new EP Rear Hub Bobbins features a new cassette expansion-style mounting system unique to Evotech Performance and comes from the same design team that developed the leading EP range of Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards, EP Tail Tidies and more recently the introduction of the EP Sat Nav Mounts.

The cassette-expansion mounting system is designed to provide not only external protection to the BMW shaft hub by way of the proven EP protection bobbins, but also to be mounted securely and easily and preventing water ingress to the inner wheel hub tube, where the steel plating could be subject to corrosion.

Five main components make up the cassette-fitment accessory. Firstly, there is the EP specified sacrificial nylon bobbin that protects the drive side of the cast aluminium drive hub. This in turn is connected to a CNC-machined centralising spacer that also carries an O-ring seal on a precisely machined groove. Next is the expansion cassette unit that, when secured in place with supplied stainless steel cap head bolts, holds the ensemble in place and turns with the wheel. This cassette unit also carries a sealing O-ring. Lastly, an attractively machined centralising hub stop, complete with sealing O-ring, slots neatly in place in the opposing side of the rear wheel to fill the through-hole. All external component parts are powder coated while the cassette system is anodised for increased durability.

With the latest EP Rear Hub Bobbins loosely assembled and lubricated (with EP supplied grease), it takes literally seconds to insert the complete system and mount securely. See below for our video of the new cassette-expansion unit being placed into position. EP Rear Hub Bobbins featuring the new cassette system are now available ex-stock for MY19 R 1250 GS, MY13+ R 1200 GS models and the R nineT motorcycle series, with more BMW Motorrad models being added.


By Evotech Performance on 28 August 2019