Introducing the Panigale Upper Radiator Guard

Evotech Performance are proud to announce the release of a new product for the sensational Ducati Panigale, the upper radiator guard. Evotech Performance have designed the Ducati Panigale upper radiator guard so that it can be fitted without removing the fairings. It is the the only radiator guard on the market that can be fitted in minutes, not hours.

Fitting the Panigale Radiator Guard

Panigale Radiator GuardThe Panigale radiator guard fits directly to the bike using Ducati’s original mounting points, this is because it’s been designed by people who understand the importance of function, ease of fitting and aesthetics.

Our Ducati Panigale upper radiator guards boast remarkable strength to weight ratio and weigh only 120 grammes. They have hexagonal holes to optimise air flow whilst providing maximum protection. Order with confidence from Evotech Performance, knowing that you will receive the best radiator guard on the market.
By Dan Rack on 21 August 2013

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