Evotech Performance on the Podium at Brands Hatch

Evotech Performance on the Podium at Brands Hatch

Round six of the British Super Bike Championship at Brands Hatch GP circuit gave us plenty of excitement.  But for our guys at Evotech Performance we were excited for a whole different reason.   Look at any still image or slow-mo of Josh Brookes double winning 2015 Milwaukee Yamaha R1 and behind the front wheel you will spy one of our bespoke radiator guards. milwaukee-yamaha-r1-evotech-performance-001 Mick Shanley, crew chief for Milwaukee Yamaha, approached Evotech Performance for a bespoke design to protect Brookes’ superbike.  The parts were debuted for his double podium finish at Snetterton last month and then onto his impressive double win at the historic Brands Hatch circuit.

Why fit a Radiator Guard?

So what exactly is a radiator guard and why should we include them on our bikes?  For Milwaukee and Brookes, the answer is reliability.  For the rest of us road users, it boils down to economics. At the very heart of your bike sits the radiator in a very prone position behind the front wheel. Road debris can cause havoc when it is flung into the radiator area. A holed radiator can cost many hundreds of pounds to fix or replace, plus the inconvenience of being stranded should such an unfortunate event occur. Our answer to this issue is our bike specific radiator guard. milwaukee-yamaha-r1-evotech-performance-002 Mick said ‘We’ve had a long standing relationship with Evotech Performance. We work hand in hand with them to design and produce various different parts for our superbikes. On this occasion we needed protection for the long fast straights of the roads circuits such as the NW200 and the Isle of Man TT. We soon realised that it would be a big benefit to fit EP guards to our BSB superbikes as well.’ milwaukee-yamaha-r1-evotech-performance-003

Evotech Performance Radiator Guards

As you would expect from our establishment, Evotech Performance’s radiator and oil cooler guards are produced bespoke to fit each individual model. Our aim is for our guards to seamlessly and subtly integrate with your bike. Our guards fit snugly onto the radiator or oil cooler and incorporates EP’s signature hexagonal matrix of holes. Being fabricated, in most instances, from one piece of lightweight aluminium, with a durable powder-coated finish, the design allows for minimal disruption to airflow whilst offering maximum protection. As ever we are UK designed, UK produced for a quality product and our radiator guards always prove popular with our followers. milwaukee-yamaha-r1-evotech-performance-004

Padgetts Honda at the Isle of Man TT

But it’s not just Milwaukee Yamaha who recognises the benefit of EP protection. Our Radiator and oil cooler guards were also spied in the 2015 Isle of Man TT paddock.  Padgett’s Honda chose EP protection for Bruce Anstey at the 2015 IoM TT. Not one, or two, but three of his bikes were sporting an Evotech Performance Radiator Guard. We worked with Clive Padgett to create bespoke designs for both his Superbike and Supersport class bikes. It was a great week for the Padgett’s team, securing an impressive win in the opening superbike race and two 2nd places in both the Supersport races. We also supplied our standard product for Clive’s Honda CBR1000rr Fireblade Superstock bike, the same part as can be ordered from our website at any time of the day. Furthermore, EP also produced a bespoke radiator guard for Clive’s famous Yamaha YZR500, which was powered to a dominant win by Bruce Anstey in the 2014 Classic TT. As a salesman as well as a team owner, Clive Padgett knows the high quality protection we can offer. Speaking of our parts, Clive said ‘We sell Evotech Performance products and know just how good they are.  When it came to protecting Bruce’s bike from the demanding roads of the TT, there really was only one choice.’

Track and Road proven technology

So there you have it.  If your bike is protected by an Evotech Performance radiator guard then it is just as good as any top class UK performer.  They may not increase your engine power, or make you go faster, but Evotech Performance radiator guards offer the protection to keep you on the move. And the professionals know it. milwaukee-yamaha-r1-evotech-performance-005
By Dan Rack on 23 July 2015

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