Don’t take our word for it!

Not only does EP Crash Protection look great on your bike, but it also serves an important purpose. And although we hope it never comes to it, in the event of an accident, EP Crash Protection is designed and manufactured to take some of the impact of the slide (protecting your bike and wallet where possible).

With the seasons changing, we can’t do enough to shelter our precious two-wheeled machines from the elements; EP Crash Protection is a start, but don’t just take our word for it! Our motorcycle crash protection is highly thought of by our customers and fans – just take a look at what they had to say…


“My Triumph Street Triple RX went down onto its RHS on Saturday on some loose invisible road grit in Scotland. Fortunately, before the trip I'd fitted a pair of your frame protectors.

“I can definitely recommend them since there was only superficial damage to the exhaust can, brake lever and slight grazing on the front indicator and mirror.

The bars and front brake were untouched and there was NO bodywork damage at all. The crash bung was bent and worn down but it did its job. The bike slid about 8 to 10 m on its side.”


“I had the ‘chance’ to test your products and it just did what it had to – saving vulnerable parts from damage.

“Could’ve costed me a new fairing, carbon swing arm cover and probably a gas tank, instead £30.00 for a new bobbin head and ready to go!

“It was a fairly low speed turn, but at a certain lean angle, hit the road mark/sign which is appaerently very slippery even in dry conditions… The rear stepped out creating too much stress on the front and it was gone.

“The bike did slide a meter or five and made a U-turn on the bobbins. I was surprised how little damage there was, two bobbin heads and my shift knob – no damage on the fairing/tank/swingarm!”


“I was run off the road and my bike could have been badly damaged if it weren’t for your amazing accessories, for the speed the crash took place it would have been a very expensive crash.

“The investment for all the Evotech Performance accessories was worth it a thousand times over.

“My sincerest and utmost gratitude to Evotech Performance. Aloha Nui!”

By Evotech Performance on 04 November 2019