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1. I placed an order online but haven’t received a confirmation email. Did you receive my order?

Ordinarily, you can expect to receive your order confirmation within 24 hours of you placing your order but sometimes they can end up in your junk folder! Be sure to check in there first, but if you still can’t find it, please contact us at sales@evotech-performance.com

2. How long does delivery take?

We always try to minimise delivery costs while getting your order to you as quickly as possible and offer a range of options to suit your requirements. The following can be selected at checkout:

  • UK – Royal Mail Tracked 24hrs – Expected delivery time of next working day (see below for more information about next day delivery)
  • UK – Royal Mail Tracked 48hrs to 72hrs – Expected delivery time of 2-3 working days
  • Europe – UPS Standard – Expected delivery time of 4-5 working days
  • Europe and rest of the world – Royal Mail Airmail (International Priority):
    • Europe – 6-8 working days
    • Rest of the world – 8-15 working days.
  • Europe and rest of the world – UPS Express – 2-3 working days
  • Europe and rest of the world – UPS Express Saver – 4-5 working days

More information about delivery can be found here.

3. How does next day delivery work?

If you placed your order before 2pm Monday-Thursday, you can expect your item(s) to be delivered the next working day (excludes Bank Holidays). Orders placed by 12pm (midday) on Friday will be delivered the following Monday (excludes Bank Holidays).

Orders placed after 12pm on Friday and Saturday/Sunday orders are expected to be delivered the following Tuesday. Orders placed on Bank Holidays will normally be delivered within two working days. More information about delivery can be found here.

4. Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide! Just select your delivery destination when checking out and we’ll let you know what delivery options are available for your area. More information about delivery can be found here.

5. My parcel hasn’t been delivered, where is it?

Once your order is confirmed, you can use the consignment number on your shipping confirmation to track your parcel through the relevant courier. However, please note that tracking services vary according to the shipping option you selected and the destination.

For international orders using a Royal Mail delivery option, tracking outside of the UK is reliant on the equivalent service providers in the destination country and cannot be guaranteed. You can track your order using the below links to UPS and Royal Mail’s tracking services or more information about delivery can be found here.

6. Do you have a dealer near me?

You can buy our full range of accessories online at www.evotech-performance.com and we have a number of delivery options available to suit your timescales and budget. However, we also have a number of stockists that we can recommend if you would prefer to purchase your accessories locally. For more information on Evotech Performance stockists in your area, please contact sales@evotech-performance.com

7. How do I return an item?

We’re confident you’ll be delighted with the quality and fit of your EP accessory, but if you need to return your item, you can see our full terms and conditions and download our returns form here. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we’d like to understand why and would like the opportunity to discuss this with you first. Simply contact us at sales@evotech-performance.com with your order number and we’ll make contact with you directly.


1. What is a radiator guard?

A radiator guard is a shield that fits to the front (and sometimes the side) of your motorcycle’s radiator. The main reason for fitting a radiator guard to your bike is to protect the radiator from road debris, while still allowing essential cooling air to pass through.

Regardless of the speed you’re travelling or the performance of your bike, there is a high risk of a stone being flung from your front tyre or passing traffic, denting or even puncturing your bike’s radiator. As a fragile component, the radiator is very difficult to repair (if at all possible) and even more expensive to replace, so it’s more economical to protect it with an EP Radiator Guard.

2. What protection does an EP motorcycle radiator guard give?

EP Radiator Guards are designed to protect the radiator’s delicate cooling fins and internal waterways by preventing stones, grit and other road debris from puncturing the radiator’s delicate aluminium construction and causing it to leak. If this happens, the engine will overheat and potentially cause irreparable damage. Escaping coolant can also leak on to the tyres, causing loss of grip.

Radiators are designed and positioned so they are not restricted to the open air and passing airflow, which cools engine coolant flowing through the internal radiator core. EP Radiator Guards feature a unique hexagonal matrix hole-pattern, which prevents debris from hitting the radiator but doesn’t restrict the much needed airflow.

3. What is an EP Radiator Guard made from?

All our EP Radiator Guards are fabricated from aerospace quality, lightweight aluminium and the majority of our guards are given a black powder coat for a durable factory-like finish (except the stainless steel versions). You can watch the powder coating process here.

It’s probably worth noting here too that all EP Radiator Guards are produced in-house at our UK factory. We pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our EP accessories, but even more important than that, all our designs are vigorously tested before we release them for sale. When it comes to our EP Radiator Guards, we’ve been working with race teams for more than 30 years and many top teams in the British and World Superbike paddocks as well on the public roads run our guards on their race-winning bikes. In our opinion, there’s no better test of a radiator guard’s strength and fit-for-purpose as being hit by a stone at 130mph!

So while there may be similar ones out there, cheap copies of EP products are essentially sub-standard parts that could leave you out of pocket. Unfortunately, counterfeit versions of our EP accessories do exist. As well as being cheap and flimsy alternatives, built with little regard for longevity or ease of fit, they may not work properly and certainly won’t fit your bike perfectly like our genuine EP accessories are designed to. There is also the worry that they can damage your motorcycle and, worse, could be dangerous.

There’s actually only one way to be sure you’re buying EP quality accessories and that’s to purchase them directly from us at www.evotech-performance.com or from one of our trusted official stockists. If in doubt, always contact us first.

4. I’ve seen some EP Radiator Guards with the EP logo sprayed white on the centre of them. Where can I purchase one of those?

You’ve probably seen this style of EP Radiator Guard on the racetrack – we support a number of race teams in the British and World Superbike Championships as well as in Road Racing. Unfortunately, these are Limited Edition EP Radiator Guards, which are used only in racing – these are not currently available to purchase on our website.

5. Are EP Radiator Guards easy to fit?

EP Radiator Guards are very easy to fit, require no modifications to your motorcycle and come with all relevant fittings for a secure, precise fit. Easy-to-view pictorial installation instructions are also available to download from the relevant page on the Evotech Performance website, but, if you want to see how easy they are to fit, check out this BMW R 1200 GS fitting video here.

6. Are EP Radiator Guards interchangeable between motorcycle models?

In a word, no. When choosing an EP Radiator Guard on www.evotech-performance.com, you should always choose the correct make and model of your bike but more importantly, the correct model year. Although our EP Radiator Guards may look similar across models and years, there may be some slight differences in size, shape and dimensions as well as the placement of the mounting holes. We can only guarantee a precise fit if you choose the correct EP Radiator Guard for your bike.

7. If radiator guards are necessary, why are they not fitted as standard from new?

Nearly all motorcycle manufacturers feature optional extras for their many models because to kit out a bike with every conceivable goodie would make it a very expensive bike to buy. Also, the time/cost of developing a radiator guard would also increase the final retail price. Because Evotech Performance specialises in protection, we are geared up to design and manufacture the best in radiator protection at an affordable price.

8. Can EP Radiator Guards be repaired?

Small dents in the hexagonal hole matrix guard can be gently pushed out in order not to rub against the radiator. If the guard is severely punctured – as in the aluminium alloy is broken – we suggest replacing the EP Radiator Guard because there’s a good chance a repeat hit by debris will result in a heavily damaged/punctured radiator. Think of a radiator guard as you do protective clothing – if the garment is destroyed but your skin and bones are intact then the article of protective clothing has done its job.

9. Can Evotech Performance manufacture a one-off radiator guard?

We could; but we don’t for the simple reason development time, tooling and manufacturing costs for a one-off product would make it a hellishly expensive purchase for the customer.

10. Why shouldn’t I make my own out of perforated steel or rabbit hutch mesh from DIY stores?

Because EP Radiator Guards are lightweight but extremely tough, i.e. they have a high strength-to-weight ratio; fit perfectly – EP guards are formed to follow exactly the curvature of the standard radiator; they do not disrupt the cooling airflow; all supplied fasteners are quality items and to the required length to avoid damaging chassis components including the radiator; and they are a proven product. Another important aspect is EP guards do not look or work like they’ve been made in a shed from heavy, rust-forming steel upcycled from a decommissioned 1950s cruise ship.

Most EP Radiator Guards have fixed rubber spacers that maintain a specific clearance between the radiator guard and the radiator, especially the delicate cooling fins. This helps air flow and also stops the guard rubbing the radiator.


1. What are front spindle bobbins?

Front spindle bobbins are a “bolt-on” accessory kit designed to help protect the ends of the front wheel spindle ends from damage in the event of your bike making contact with the ground – not just at riding speed but also from standstill. However, spindle bobbins do more than protect the threaded section or the spindle securing bolt. The bobbins raised profile helps prevent road surface damage to the lower section of the fork legs i.e. the spindle clamps, front wheel rim and tyre, and brake calipers.

2. Why should I buy EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins?

All Evotech Performance motorcycle accessories are designed by time-served fabrication engineers who happen to be motorcyclists. This means each product is designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances so they fit perfectly, precisely and without any modifications to the motorcycle chassis and chassis components. In other words, you are buying a quality motorcycle accessory that is manufactured in the UK by engineers using top-grade materials and ultra-hi-tech machinery to produce them. You might also be pleased to note that all EP products are packaged in easy to recycle packaging material; Evotech Performance is very keen on being green.

3. What makes EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins so much better?

EP Spindle Bobbins are produced from high quality nylon and feature machined and anodised internal aluminium spacer mounts. These are designed to enable the nylon bobbin to rotate when in contact with the road surface to spread the damage rather than wearing down in one area. The bobbins’ mounting spindle is produced from graded stainless steel with rolled end threads (not machine cut) for long-lasting durability and the supplied fasteners are stainless steel nyloc nuts. Evotech Performance can also supply individual spare parts, which is an affordable way to get you up and running again.

4. How difficult are EP Spindle Bobbins to fit?

EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins are easy to fit – they are designed to enable anybody with access to even a basic toolkit can fit them. Of course, Evotech Performance also supplies comprehensive pictorial fitting instructions, which can be downloaded from the Evotech Performance website – these can be found on the relevant product page.

5. Will fitting EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins to my new motorcycle void my motorcycle warranty?

No. They are a protection accessory and do not affect the running and performance aspects of the motorcycle. Many motorcycle retail outlets stock EP accessories and even equip their demonstrator models with EP accessories. Some dealerships will even fit EP accessories free of charge to clinch a sale.

6. How will an insurance company view the fitting of EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins?

With a smile, we like to think. You are buying an accessory that can, in the event of an incident, lessen the impact damage. This means reducing the cost to them for the repair or replacement of motorcycle parts.

7. Are EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins available in different colours?

EP nylon bobbins are only available in black. This is because they are mounted to the front of the motorcycle and, based on personal experience, they are extremely prone to being covered in dirt, surface water, bugs etc and the colour black does the best job of hiding road muck / stains.


1. What is an EP Sat Nav Mount?

An EP Sat Nav Mount is, as the name suggests, an EP motorcycle model specific bracket to provide a stable, secure method of attaching market leading sat nav systems. However, EP mounts are different (read better) because they are also available to accept fitment of popular GPS enabled smartphones.

2. What type of sat nav and smartphones do EP Sat Nav Mounts cover?

Customer research combined with the fact all Evotech Performance staff are motorcyclists, it was obvious TomTom International BV and Garmin® sat nav systems were – and still are – the most popular motorcycle-mounted sat nav brands available. For this reason, all Evotech Performance Sat Nav Mount units are available with either a Garmin or TomTom specific mounting adaptor.

Evotech Performance also researched the most common connection system to enable smartphones to be adapted for motorcycle use. Two products originally stood out, Quad Lock® and UltimateAddons, both of which use suitable smartphone cases complete with integral QD mounting systems. Evotech Performance has recently added a new mounting system, SP™ Connect.

3. What is an EP Sat Nav Mount made from?

We do not like to use the word “made” because, as with all EP products, our EP Sat Nav Mount systems are fabricated using ultra-modern CNC machinery and CAD engineering software systems to ensure they uphold the Evotech Performance reputation for quality; quality in the way they function, fit, look and do not interfere with original components or require additional modifications to the motorcycle chassis.

Each EP Sat Nav Mount is manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminium and attaches securely to the motorcycle chassis using existing mounting points. Evotech Performance spends a lot of time developing each product to ensure fitment is easy and precise and blends in seamlessly. If we cannot produce a motorcycle accessory that will match or better original equipment (OE), quite simply we will not produce it.

Included with the EP Sat Nav Mount is a ‘backplate adaptor’ to suit the method of GPS or smartphone attachment you, the customer, are using e.g. Garmin sat nav, or UltimateAddons phone mount. It is important to note Evotech Performance does not supply GPS or smartphone carrying cases, just the adaptor backplate to enable customers to align their chosen system to the EP Sat Nav Mount. Where additional or replacement fasteners are required to install the EP Sat Nav Mount, these are supplied. We also include additional power cable securing clips and other fixtures where required.

4. Are there any other reasons to purchase an EP Sat Nav Mount?

The majority of EP Sat Nav Mounts feature a finger-screw adjuster system to alter the angle of the viewing screen to place the sat nav unit within the rider’s peripheral vision for easy viewing as well as operation. And on motorcycle models that feature adjustable screen heights, Evotech Performance has also tested such systems within the design stage, again to ensure a perfect viewing angle. A durable black powder coat finish complements the existing chassis components.

5. Vibration can be an issue with smartphones. Do your mounts account for that?

As time-served fabrication engineers, who also happen to be motorcyclists, the EP team understands that motorcycles vibrate, either because of the engine design and its performance or suspension reaction through the chassis. Every EP Sat Nav Mount design process includes actual real-world riding so, where needed damping measures are included. We understand some of the leading smartphone mounting systems are now available with optional motorcycle-specific damper mounts to help alleviate low and high frequency vibration.

6. If I change sat nav or upgrade my mobile phone to a different make, do I have to buy a new EP Sat Nav Mount?

If you continue to use the same make of sat nav then the attachment method will remain the same and will fit the existing EP supplied adaptor backplate. If you change, say, from Garmin to TomTom, a new adaptor backplate to suit is required, which Evotech Performance can supply.

For smartphone use: if you have been using, for example, an UltimateAddons system and want to continue using it, then there are no issues. But changing to a different system (e.g. SP Connect) will require a matching EP adaptor backplate, which can be purchased from the Evotech Performance website.

7. Are EP Sat Nav Mounts interchangeable with different motorcycles?

No. Each mount is designed and manufactured to fit a specific model of motorcycle – they are not universal.

8. I can’t see an EP Sat Nav Mount listed for my motorcycle?

Evotech Performance updates frequently its EP accessory listings and this in cludes EP Sat Nav Mounts for a wide range of genres; from adventure-styled through to sport-focused naked motorcycles.

9. Are there any legal complications to be had from attaching a sat nav or smartphone mount?

None at all. An EP Sat Nav Mount is an accessory component that, apart from the fact it is designed and manufactured by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, and affordably priced, is no different from buying an accessory part from the motorcycle producer. In some countries, it is illegal to operate a sat nav or mobile phone while riding (in the same way car drivers can be penalised) so always check local motoring laws and regulations. As a point of safety, we always input routes prior to riding or find a safe location to stop and make direction changes.


1. What is an EP Tail Tidy?

An EP Tail Tidy is a stylish, quality aftermarket replacement for the OE rear fender, which gives a motorcycle a sportier look. In most cases, an EP Tail Tidy repositions the bike’s number plate and lighting systems to a higher or tucked-in position to deliver a sharper, more race bike like silhouette on sports bikes, or lessen the bulkiness of, say, an adventure-styled motorcycle. Wherever possible, an EP Tail Tidy will include design details to further enhance the motorcycle’s aesthetics by complementing the bike’s profile and design lines.

2. Are EP Tail Tidies made from plastic and simple brackets?

Unlike some of our competitors, Evotech Performance designs and fabricates its EP Tail Tidies for individual models of motorcycles via a combination of 3D scanning and CAD illustration. This way we can produce a tail tidy from aerospace grade aluminium alloys involving the use of the latest fabrication and engineering technology such as CAM software running high-tech 5-axis machining centres.

There is one simple reason for this time-consuming manufacturing process and that is to produce a tail tidy of such quality that it either matches the fit and function of the original system or, as in most cases, exceeds it by a significant margin.

There are occasions when we do have to supply an EP designed replacement undertray (thermoformed plastic) to ensure the supplied EP Tail Tidy fits with no additional modifications to the bike. An example of which would be the EP Tail Tidy for the BMW R nineT series of bikes.

3. Do EP Tail Tidies reuse existing lighting systems such as rear light and indicators?

Where possible, Evotech Performance will incorporate original lighting systems and fixtures because they are integral to the design of that motorcycle, plus it’s more cost effective for the customer. However, for us to deliver an EP Tail Tidy that is functional and complies with lighting regulations, we will supply, where necessary, quality EP CE-marked (if required) replacement electrical components such as a LED registration/i.d. plate illumination lamp, or a stylish LED rear light that doesn’t detract from the bike’s styling. Wherever possible, we will try to supply attractive, alternative lens units i.e. red or clear with LED lighting to suit.

4. Why are some EP Tail Tidies more expensive than others?

Because some EP Tail Tidies are far more involved to produce than others – considerably more CNC machining and fabrication is required; more material is used; today’s motorcycle designs require a higher level of design input e.g. 3D scanning, prototyping etc. Also, the greater amount of complexity involved to produce an EP Tail Tidy means more time is spent on development and manufacture – and as we all know, time is valuable.

5. What sets Evotech Performance Tail Tidies apart from others?

‘Quality’ is our mantra. Even when making an EP mug of Yorkshire Tea, we continually whisper “quali-tea”. As with all EP products, Evotech Performance refuses to produce anything less than perfection. Not just in how a tail tidy looks on a bike but also in terms of fit, the styling of the tail tidy itself – has to blend in seamlessly with the bike’s lines and curves – and function. If this means a great deal of CNC-machining is required to produce an EP Tail Tidy main body on which to support the original indicators and rear light assembly, and include mount locating holes, fastener threads etc, then that’s what happens. And to top it off, there is the durable powder coat finish applied in-house by our own powder coat station. Another important detail is the inclusion of a replacement rear reflector and brackets to ensure fitment of registration/i.d. plates across international markets. Other detail points to remember are EP will supply stainless steel fasteners, clips to secure wiring and anti-vibration material where required.

6. On your shopping pages it states some EP Tail Tidy units are “plug & play” What’s that?

Plug & play is used to describe the simple reconnection of any wiring systems when fitting an EP Tail Tidy or if EP replacement lighting systems are included, EP supplies electrical components with like-for-like connectors or wiring terminals for a straight forward, easy connection.

7. What is CWD?

Concealed Wire Design (CWD) is applied to many EP Tail Tidies and is essentially a guarantee to the customer that we have designed the tail tidy so the standard rear wiring harness and cables for the rear light and indicators are carefully contained within the tail tidy and not seen. This exaggerates the desired clean, stylish look that an EP Tail Tidy gives.

8. Are tail tidies legal?

An EP Tail Tidy retains the original number/i.d. plate, indicators and give provision for a rear reflector if required. Some EP Tail Tidies are supplied with replacement rear light units and indicators but these are quality EP-sourced units that are EC or E-mark compliant. As with all makes of tail tidy, being fitted, the reduction in size of the motorcycle’s original homologation specification is not illegal. There are cases where construction rules and regulations may deviate with fitment of a tail tidy but this is not reason for a failure mark at MoT time.

9. Some EU countries are rigidly policed when it comes to angle of fit of the number/i.d. plate. Are EP tail tidies compliant for my home country?

Not only is an EP Tail Tidy designed to give a motorcycle a sportier stance, but the design also ensures they are safe to use and do not interfere with the existing chassis or its components e.g. the rear tyre! Not all tail tidies deliver the required angle but will be as close as can be without compromising the rider’s safety. There are many reasons why the registration/i.d. plate angle can change when mounted to the bike and we also take these into account for safety reasons. If the rear suspension is set soft, the angle of the rear end will reduce (sit low). Pillion or luggage weight can cause the same angle change effect. A whippet-like rider, or rear suspension set to a firm setting will have a reduced effect.

10 Will the number/i.d. plate and indicators be affected by being positioned closer to the exhaust?

The reason for fitting a tail tidy is to shorten the length of the bike by repositioning all the rear components closer to the tail section. By doing so it brings these components closer to the exhaust silencer(s). Evotech Performance designs all EP Tail Tidies to avoid potential problems with heat emitted from the silencers.

One example is the EP Tail Tidy for the MY19-20 Ducati Hypermotard 950 series. Included with the tail tidy are two, formed stainless steel shields that fit either side of the tail tidy to deflect exhaust heat away from the tail tidy and repositioned Ducati components. The heat shields are etched with a “Hot” hazard logo and feature detailed stainless steel support rods for maximum stability on different types of terrain. Customers with a Ducati Hypermotard 950 equipped with the aftermarket single exit Termignoni race exhaust can order an EP Tail Tidy featuring a single heat deflector.