9001 is the magic number

We’ve always maintained that ‘precision by design’ is our company mantra and this will never change – Evotech Performance prides itself on the quality of its products; it is what sets us apart from our competitors and made us an accessible international supplier of motorcycle accessories. However, there is more to achieving quality than just a team of engineers and their involvement with the latest high-tech machinery and software.

Nobody likes paperwork. Least of all fabrication engineers, who are usually preoccupied with drinking tea, producing components to exacting standards, or trying to reinvent everything! There is an exception, though. Paperwork that comes with the process / criteria leading to an industry award. An award that announces to the world a business has achieved a best practice / certified standard, which is globally recognised and known as ISO 9001. Evotech Performance achieved ISO 9001 status over 20 years ago and continues to meet its criteria every year since.

ISO is abbreviation for International Standards Organisation, which develops and sets the standard(s) for a business to meet and gain certification – certification is handled by a third-party and is conducted every 12 months. In other words, we are checked by checkers, who are recognised checkers by the ISO committee, to check we are doing what we say we are doing!

As said, a greater part of achieving ISO 9001 standard involves paperwork. An example includes traceability of materials – part of QMS (Quality Management Services) to show Evotech Performance manufactures and supplies products that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

There is a great deal more involved in obtaining ISO 9001, and it is all geared to ensuring top notch service and products. Constant reviews of our work efficiency (more paperwork) ultimately deliver greater customer satisfaction from reduced manufacturing timescale and order-to-delivery time. By proving our customer satisfaction – we use Trusted Shops Guarantee, an independent customer review base – we underline our ability to deliver quality products. Following industry best-practice and focusing on quality by way of investing in new manufacturing equipment, we can, believe it or not, minimise cost increases, which we endeavour to pass onto Evotech Performance customers despite a surge in raw material costs.

The upshot of ISO 9001 accreditation is it underlines Evotech Performance’s guarantee of quality products and the service we provide to rectify a problem somewhere between point of purchase directly from Evotech Performance and a customer riding their motorcycle with EP products installed. Which isn’t something you associate with when buying a cheap, usually unbranded and counterfeit EP product from the internet.

Remember, we are only a call, email or social channel away from delivering the very best in service.

By Evotech Retail on 26 August 2021