Helping to protect our healthcare heroes

We’re proud to support the Derbyshire Blood Bikes, whose riders transport urgent and non-routine medical items including blood, diagnostic samples, medication and equipment to those in need.

There’s no doubt that the past 18 months have been challenging for many charities and organisations, including the national network of Blood Bike charity groups, which has continued to support the frontline emergency services in the midst of a global pandemic. Despite these challenges, this network of volunteers has continued to transport blood and other clinical products, including Covid-19 related samples, testing kits and vaccinations, to hospitals and other healthcare settings across the UK and Ireland. 

To show our appreciation of their passion and commitment, we’ve pledged to support one of our local Blood Bikes charities by protecting its fleet of hi-vis motorcycles with high-quality EP parts and accessories. The Derbyshire Blood Bikes, which just completed its 20,000th run, is made up entirely of volunteers who have covered approximately 175,000 miles this year so far with their BMW R1200RTs, RS1200s, F900XRs and Honda NC750NXs.

With road safety and protection our priority, we’re proud to have equipped the Derbyshire Blood Bikes with our flagship EP Radiator Guards, EP Engine Guards, EP Spindle Bobbins and EP Swingarm Protection, and are planning to supply the fleet’s BMW F900XR with EP Hand Guards in the future. By providing these protective accessories to the Blood Bikes, we hope to give the riders extra peace of mind while out on the road.

By Evotech Retail on 18 August 2021