Accept no imitations!

Some people may say we should be flattered that other companies choose to copy our quality Evotech Performance motorcycle accessory lines, but we’re far from happy. Cheap copies of EP products are essentially sub-standard parts that could leave you out of pocket…

Unfortunately, counterfeit versions of our EP accessories do exist and can be bought online on sites like eBay and Amazon. These counterfeit parts will often be produced in inappropriate (and uncertified) materials that may not be fit for purpose, like a radiator guard produced in very thin steel rather than in aluminium. As well as being cheap and flimsy, built with little regard for longevity or ease of fit, they don’t work properly and certainly won’t protect your bike like our genuine EP accessories are designed to. There is also the worry that they can damage your motorcycle and, worse still, could be dangerous. What’s more, it’s also highly likely that these counterfeit parts will have been produced with no quality control procedures in place like ISO 9001, an international quality standard we always work to when producing our EP accessories.

As a team, we are genuinely passionate about fabricating what we consider to be the best available aftermarket protection and rider aid accessories, so to see that there are cheap alternatives advertised as the Evotech Performance brand on the market is very frustrating for us. We invest significant time and resource in the design and development of a new accessory, including a lot of 3D scanning, data reading and digital model scans before even one prototype component part can be produced. That’s not to mention the heavy investment we’ve made over time in computers, scanners and software as well as physical motorcycles, which enable us to design parts as quickly as possible. Our investment isn’t just on machinery and software either. All our staff are professionally trained in all areas of the business.

All Evotech Performance accessories are produced in-house at our Lincolnshire-based HQ, and our supply chain includes several UK-based suppliers who also rely on us for business. All our accessory designs are vigorously tested before we release them for sale. Take our EP Radiator Guards for instance; we’ve been working with race teams for more than 30 years and many top teams in the British and World Superbike paddocks as well on the public roads run our guards on their race-winning bikes. In our opinion, there’s no better test of a radiator guard’s strength and fit-for-purpose as being hit by a stone at 130mph!.

When you purchase a genuine quality EP accessory, you are also assured that you have the latest design version – we have the flexibility and tools to tweak and adapt designs easily and quickly if we need to, based on additional testing or customer feedback. These tweaks won’t filter through to the counterfeit products, which will likely be a copied version of our old design. On some occasions, the counterfeit parts won’t even be tested…

When you purchase our EP accessories, you’re paying for quality as well as peace of mind, so you can see why we’re particularly irked when we hear of other companies selling ‘our equipment’ at knock-down prices. Be under no illusions though, these are not our quality accessories on sale, they’re imitation accessories offering sub-standard quality and almost zero protection.

To illustrate the point, we spent a couple of hours on eBay recently while enjoying a cuppa and found at least 20 motorcycle accessory listings (mainly from Hong Kong) that claimed to be Evotech Performance design. Some of these had even pinched the photos from our website! Rest assured though, we’re doing what we can to get these products taken offline before they cause significant damage to someone’s motorcycle… and the rider.

In fact, eradicating counterfeit accessories from the market is something we’ve been taking increasingly seriously over the past couple of years. As well as enlisting a Trademark Lawyer and dedicated Brand Protection Team, we’ve also started creating RCDs (Registered Community Designs) for our products, which give us design protection (in the EU) over the parts that we design and produce. The bottom line is, selling parts in the EU that are protected by an RCD is illegal – the sellers could even be prosecuted.

There’s actually only one way to be sure you’re buying EP quality accessories and that’s to purchase them directly from us at or from one of our trusted stockists. We pride ourselves on our customer service and when you purchase directly from us, you’re assured that you have excellent back up, including a 12-month warranty. Counterfeit parts will come with no insurance or liability cover, so if the part is faulty or fails, you’ll be left with the bill to pay.

EP customers who suspect they might have been sold counterfeit products, or are unsure if what they are about to buy is a genuine Evotech Performance product, are encouraged to contact us. Remember, although we put a put a price on quality, nobody can put a price on your safety.

By Evotech Performance on 04 December 2020