In the fourth instalment of our FAQs, we cover the legendary EP Tail Tidy – the product that led to the creation of Evotech Performance many years ago, and just one of the many quality EP motorcycle accessories that has since made Evotech Performance a leading accessory manufacturer.

This EP Tail Tidy Q&A is based on the most common questions that we receive, and no way addresses every enquiry because, to be honest, we’d be here all day…

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What is an EP Tail Tidy?
An EP Tail Tidy is a stylish, quality aftermarket replacement for the OE rear fender, which gives a motorcycle a sportier look. In most cases, an EP Tail Tidy repositions the bike’s number plate and lighting systems to a higher or tucked-in position to deliver a sharper, more race bike like silhouette on sports bikes, or lessen the bulkiness of, say, an adventure-styled motorcycle. Wherever possible, an EP Tail Tidy will include design details to further enhance the motorcycle’s aesthetics by complementing the bike’s profile and design lines.

Are EP Tail Tidies made from plastic and simple brackets?
Unlike some of our competitors, Evotech Performance designs and fabricates its EP Tail Tidies for individual models of motorcycles via a combination of 3D scanning and CAD illustration. This way we can produce a tail tidy from aerospace grade aluminium alloys involving the use of the latest fabrication and engineering technology such as CAM software running high-tech 5-axis machining centres.

There is one simple reason for this time-consuming manufacturing process and that is to produce a tail tidy of such quality that it either matches the fit and function of the original system or, as in most cases, exceeds it by a significant margin.
There are occasions when we do have to supply an EP designed replacement undertray (thermoformed plastic) to ensure the supplied EP Tail Tidy fits with no additional modifications to the bike. An example of which would be the EP Tail Tidy for the BMW R nineT series of bikes.

Do EP Tail Tidies reuse existing lighting systems such as rear light and indicators?
Where possible, Evotech Performance will incorporate original lighting systems and fixtures because they are integral to the design of that motorcycle, plus it’s more cost effective for the customer. However, for us to deliver an EP Tail Tidy that is functional and complies with lighting regulations, we will supply, where necessary, quality EP CE-marked (if required) replacement electrical components such as a LED registration/i.d. plate illumination lamp, or a stylish LED rear light that doesn’t detract from the bike’s styling. Wherever possible, we will try to supply attractive, alternative lens units i.e. red or clear with LED lighting to suit.

Why are some EP Tail Tidies more expensive than others?
Because some EP Tail Tidies are far more involved to produce than others – considerably more CNC machining and fabrication is required; more material is used; today’s motorcycle designs require a higher level of design input e.g. 3D scanning, prototyping etc. Also, the greater amount of complexity involved to produce an EP Tail Tidy means more time is spent on development and manufacture – and as we all know, time is valuable.

What sets Evotech Performance Tail Tidies apart from others?
‘Quality’ is our mantra. Even when making an EP mug of Yorkshire Tea, we continually whisper “quali-tea”. As with all EP products, Evotech Performance refuses to produce anything less than perfection. Not just in how a tail tidy looks on a bike but also in terms of fit, the styling of the tail tidy itself – has to blend in seamlessly with the bike’s lines and curves – and function. If this means a great deal of CNC-machining is required to produce an EP Tail Tidy main body on which to support the original indicators and rear light assembly, and include mount locating holes, fastener threads etc, then that’s what happens. And to top it off, there is the durable powder coat finish applied in-house by our own powder coat station.

Another important detail is the inclusion of a replacement rear reflector and brackets to ensure fitment of registration/i.d. plates across international markets. Other detail points to remember are EP will supply stainless steel fasteners, clips to secure wiring and anti-vibration material where required.

On your shopping pages it states some EP Tail Tidy units are “plug & play” What’s that?
Plug & play is used to describe the simple reconnection of any wiring systems when fitting an EP Tail Tidy or if EP replacement lighting systems are included, EP supplies electrical components with like-for-like connectors or wiring terminals for a straight forward, easy connection.

What is CWD?
Concealed Wire Design (CWD) is applied to many EP Tail Tidies and is essentially a guarantee to the customer that we have designed the tail tidy so the standard rear wiring harness and cables for the rear light and indicators are carefully contained within the tail tidy and not seen. This exaggerates the desired clean, stylish look that an EP Tail Tidy gives.

Are tail tidies legal?
An EP Tail Tidy retains the original number/i.d. plate, indicators and give provision for a rear reflector if required. Some EP Tail Tidies are supplied with replacement rear light units and indicators but these are quality EP-sourced units that are EC or E-mark compliant. As with all makes of tail tidy, being fitted, the reduction in size of the motorcycle’s original homologation specification is not illegal. There are cases where construction rules and regulations may deviate with fitment of a tail tidy but this is not reason for a failure mark at MoT time.

Some EU countries are rigidly policed when it comes to angle of fit of the number/i.d. plate. Are EP tail tidies compliant for my home country?
Not only is an EP Tail Tidy designed to give a motorcycle a sportier stance, but the design also ensures they are safe to use and do not interfere with the existing chassis or its components e.g. the rear tyre! Not all tail tidies deliver the required angle but will be as close as can be without compromising the rider’s safety. There are many reasons why the registration/i.d. plate angle can change when mounted to the bike and we also take these into account for safety reasons. If the rear suspension is set soft, the angle of the rear end will reduce (sit low). Pillion or luggage weight can cause the same angle change effect. A whippet-like rider, or rear suspension set to a firm setting will have a reduced effect.

Will the number/i.d. plate and indicators be affected by being positioned closer to the exhaust?
The reason for fitting a tail tidy is to shorten the length of the bike by repositioning all the rear components closer to the tail section. By doing so it brings these components closer to the exhaust silencer(s). Evotech Performance designs all EP Tail Tidies to avoid potential problems with heat emitted from the silencers.
One example is the EP Tail Tidy for the MY19-20 Ducati Hypermotard 950 series.

Included with the tail tidy are two, formed stainless steel shields that fit either side of the tail tidy to deflect exhaust heat away from the tail tidy and repositioned Ducati components. The heat shields are etched with a “Hot” hazard logo and feature detailed stainless steel support rods for maximum stability on different types of terrain. Customers with a Ducati Hypermotard 950 equipped with the aftermarket single exit Termignoni race exhaust can order an EP Tail Tidy featuring a single heat deflector.

By Evotech Performance on 17 November 2020