Delayed start…

In a normal world, August would be the time of year when the EP team reports on how well Evotech Performance supported racing teams are doing at the half-way point of the racing season. But, as we all know, there is nothing normal about any aspect of life at the present time, and this includes motorcycle racing.

Instead, August 2020 was the starting point for British Superbikes (BSB), the UK’s premier racing event. What would normally have been a seasonal extravaganza of hardcore racing is now a condensed half-season of six triple-header race events to give an 18-round championship fight. We here in Lincolnshire are in no doubt that there will be the same, close and hard-fought racing in all the BSB classes right up to the last race in October 2020. For all BSB race dates and locations, plus a heap more up-to-date info, please visit the official page of Bennetts British SuperBikes.

To say Evotech Performance has been busy in assisting its supported BSB teams is an understatement. We should be used to the frantic pace of racing support but our fabrication and engineering skills are very much in demand. Not just in the area of supplying race specification components (radiator and oil cooler guards, brake lever protectors, exhaust hanger brackets, light-weight component mounting brackets (battery boxes, datalog sensors etc) and more, but also an awful lot of behind the scenes engineering assistance.

To get a better view of some of the engineering services we deliver, take a look at a rather good video from Honda Racing that shows some of the work involved to transform a new road-going Honda CBR1000RR-R SP into a world class, championship-winning superbike. Our man Daniel Theodophilus Rack appears in the video. Sorry. Oh, let us not forget the National Superstock 1000 class, too, which Honda Racing is also competing within with a near standard Honda CBR1000RR-R SP.

Our relationship with racing teams across the world has expanded dramatically. But for now, we will concentrate on our “hometown” supported teams that will battle it out in BSB. Of course, we are again providing support to the BSB supporting classes of National Superstock (1000 & 600) and British Supersport.

Evotech Performance supported teams – British Superbikes 2020

MCAMS Yamaha
VisionTrack Ducati
Global Robots BMW
Honda Racing
Rich Energy OMG Racing BMW
Synetiq BMW Motorrad

By Evotech Performance on 25 August 2020