Scottish poet Robert Burns is attributed with the saying “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” These words are arguably the politest way to describe the effects of CV-19 across all aspects of life. Here at EP HQ, the hours and weeks of planning new product production schedules for 2020 went out of the window without it being opened!

However, we are now well and truly back on track. New and revised motorcycle models are becoming available daily and the Evotech Performance team is working long hours to provide customers old and new with the perfect motorcycle protection and riding accessories.

Coming soon will be a full EP Accessory line for the MY20 BMW Motorrad S 1000 XR. Already a firm favourite of inline four-cylinder fans who appreciate the comfort associated with an Adventure-styled motorcycle, the MY20 model is sure to draw in more riders. From tail tidy to hand guard protectors and vulnerable areas in between, Evotech Performance has you covered.

Ducati’s awesome new Streetfighter V4 just managed to get into the hands of key motorcycle media before lockdown. Judged by the short but complimentary press reviews, those brief rides were enough to set journalists’ underwear alight! Evotech Performance has already made available to order a full EP accessory line for Streetfighter V4. Order your required EP accessory for this model now before we send out worldwide a product release announcement.

Kawasaki continues its charge of the super supercharged motorcycle. Its new “naked Zed” is by all accounts ‘nuts’. We are talking intercontinental ballistic motorcycle, here. A stunning machine in terms of performance and style that commands only the best accessories, those being Evotech Performance EP accessories. Yes, we have one in the HQ design room and are working on it as you read this.

Watch out for more up and coming info on all EP accessories via our social media pages.


By Evotech Performance on 03 July 2020