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Evotech Performance Motorcycle Crash Bobbins

Evotech Performance design and manufacture some of the highest quality motorcycle crash protection on the market. All EP products are designed and manufactured at their UK facility. The experienced Evotech Performance design team use 3D generated models, a vast knowledge of motorcycle protection and tried and tested materials in every kit. EP Crash Bobbins (bungs) are manufactured from a highly abrasive-resistant engineering polymer to help absorb initial impacts at the extremities of the bike. All Evotech Performance crash bung kits are supplied with de-embrittled bolts which are designed to bend rather than snap, helping to absorb impact.

Customer Testimonials of Evotech Performance Crash Protection

Evotech Performance receive lots of positive feedback from customers who have bought EP crash protection products and been unfortunate enough to test them on the roads or at race track.

Kawasaki Z1000 SX - No Drill

Evotech-performance-crash-protection-kawasaki-Z1000SX-02 One unlucky customer hit a patch of gravel whilst on his way to a Rally weekend. The Evotech Performance crash bobbins absorbed most of the impact, keeping serious damage to a minimum, meaning he was able to continue with his weekend away and ride home safely.
"My front tyre hit the gravel spot in the road, and the front end went from under me, the bike went down on the left side, with the left crash bung taking the most of the impact...thankfully your crash bungs took the brunt of the slide and protected the majority of the bike, the engine casing, although damaged, was not holed. I managed to mount the bike and ride safely to the rally and then nurse myself and the bike home on the Sunday".

 KTM 125 200 390 Duke

Evotech-performance-crash-protection-KTM-Duke This customer had not long bought a full set of Evotech Performance products for his KTM 390 Duke and 2 weeks later he had a crash.
“Best described as a ‘semi high side’ the bike flipped over on to its left side and downhill to boot. The left side crash bobbin took the brunt of the fall but it did a great job of protecting the bike, and has literally saved me thousands. I have to say you guys have really done your homework with these protective parts. Not only do they look good, have a top quality finish, but they worked fantastically".
All of the bike’s major parts were protected except for relatively minor damage to the engine side cover. I’ll be reordering replacements and also getting a set for my Ducati Hypermotard too.”

Ron Haslam Race School

Evotech-performance-crash-protection-Haslam-honda-cbr600rr-Fireblade Evotech Performance have continued their sponsorship of the Ron Haslam Race School at Donnington Park. The school has a fleet of Honda CBR600RR's and Fireblades for pupils to hone their riding skills on the track. Every bike is protected by Evotech Performance crash bobbins and rear paddock stand bobbins. The nature of a school for track riding means these bikes are inevitably involved in crashes. For the school, time is money and keeping the bikes on track is of utmost importance so having a crash protection system that saves expensive and time consuming repairs is invaluable.

Yamaha XJ6 - No Drill

Evotech-performance crashprotection Yamaha-XJ6-01 An unfortunate Yamaha XJ6 owner found his bike wedged under a car after an accident. Damage was limited to a scraped passenger footrest, bent gear lever, slight scrapes to the LH mirror, a cracked flyscreen and dented tank caused by bent handlebars. The handlebars and Evotech Performance crash bungs absorbed most of the damage as this area went completely underneath rear end of the car.
"I had to ask the woman, when she calmed down, to get back in her car and drive off of my bike! From my point of view, if I didn't have those crash bungs/bobbins on, my leg probably could have wedged between my bike and the tarmac before I ejected!”

Kawasaki ZX-10R

Evotech-performance-crash-protection-kawasaki-ZX10R A lot of Evotech Performance feedback comes from customers who ride on the track and put their trust in EP crash bobbins to help keep their track bikes running and minimise damage to expensive components in the event of a crash.
“I was exiting El curzón at Almeria at about 80mph, just about to take a place off of a S1000rr, but it was a cold track and the left hand side of my tyre clearly wasn't as hot as my head! If it hadn't have been for the gravel trap damage would have been minimal. Cross with myself, but great crash protection.”

Evotech Performance Support

Evotech Performance sell all crash protection components individually. If you've had a crash and only damaged one side of the crash bungs then you can simply purchase the EP replacement parts you need. Evotech Performance welcome all feedback from our valued customers, so if you've had a crash with EP parts then please, get in touch and tell us how they performed.
By Dan Rack on 12 June 2014

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