Evotech Performance Yamaha MT-09 Crash Protection

Yamaha MT-09 Crash Protection Manufacturing

Evotech Performance are renowned for producing some of the highest quality motorcycle accessories on the market. Here is an insight into some of the design and manufacturing processes that go into producing the EP Yamaha MT-09 (FZ-09) crash protection mounting brackets. 

Design Process

Designs start by collecting accurate data from a bike, often using a 3D scanner to pick out key datum points for mounting. This data is transferable into virtual modelling software in which the detailing and design principles are generated. Initial designs can be proved using an ABS rapid prototype printer to create physical parts that can be mounted to a motorcycle. Once prototypes are approved, final details can be resolved and using the most current CAD CAM software and CNC programming available, EP are able to convert designs into manufactured components within a very short period of time. Evotech Performance have a number of highly accurate 3D milling stations capable of mass manufacturing components within the highest tolerances. EP crash protection brackets for the Yamaha MT-09 are machined from a solid billet of 6082 Aluminium and carefully designed for the maximum strength to weight ratio. Crash Protection for the Yamaha MT09

Highly Durable Finishing

Evotech Performance crash bobbin brackets for the Yamaha MT-09 are finished in a highly durable black powder coating. The carefully sculpted bracket follows the lines of the motorcycle and once powder coated, blends seamlessly into the bike. Crash Protection for the Yamaha-MT09

Finished Product

The experienced Evotech Performance design team use heavy duty aluminium brackets to mount crash bobbins in the optimum place on a motorcycle. This helps to reduce damage in the event of an accident, protecting as much of the vulnerable parts of a bike as possible. Evotech Performance have developed easy-to-follow installation instructions that are graphics based to help follow each stage. These can all be found on-line for access at any time. Instructions Icon       Click here for Yamaha MT-09 (FZ-09)Crash Protection Fitting instructions Yamaha Crash Bungs/Bobbins
By Dan Rack on 24 June 2014

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