Evotech Performance & Honda Ron Haslam Race School

Evotech Performance is pleased to announce its continued partnership with the famed Honda Ron Haslam Race School. For the seventh year in a row, the Donington Circuit-based school has chosen Evotech Performance to supply crash protection and bespoke fabricated parts across its school’s wide selection of Honda motorcycles. These include Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP, CB500F and the latest MY19 CBR650R.

The CBR650R is Honda’s latest all-new addition to the middleweight sports bike class and will be the main feature bike for the Honda Ron Haslam Race School Premier and Premier Plus Experiences, and can be called into action alongside the mighty Fireblade SP bikes in the Elite Experience. Because of the amount of use the school bikes undergo, servicing and track preparation are constants. For this reason, as in the case of the CBR650R, race-replica bodywork is used for quick and easy access to the engine and chassis components.

Helping to speed up the busy workshop process are EP Crash Protectors that have been specially designed for the school bikes – adapting (cutting holes) in the replacement bodywork isn’t a problem so the protectors can be designed to enable the fibreglass panels to simply fit over the EP nylon bobbins and mounts. Normally, as most of our customers are aware, we only design EP Crash Protectors that can be mounted without modifying the standard plastics or chassis. So yes, the moment the school let us know it was going to be using the new CBR650R, it was all hands on deck at our Lincolnshire factory to design, fabricate and supply many sets of EP crash protectors in time for the school’s first Experience event of the year. We did, though, and with time to spare.

One of the main reasons we partner the Honda Ron Haslam Race School is to further our design and technical processes in order to develop the very best EP accessories for road riders from all motorcycle categories, from sports to naked muscle bikes to adventure machines and more. While we like to receive feedback on how happy our customers are with the style and ease of fit of our accessories, we have to admit mixed emotions are plenty when we learn from customers how EP crash protection has proven to be a must-have addition.

On the one hand nobody likes to hear about somebody having an “off”, but on the other latex glove covered hand it is good to learn that we have saved somebody from expensive repair bills – even a simple drop at standstill can prove costly. But as proven recently at the Honda Ron Haslam Race School, the idea of buying crash protection should not be ignored. Above is a photograph of minimal damage to one of the school’s new Honda CBR650R bikes. As you can see it took full brunt of the impact with the Donington GP Circuit but was ready to ride a few hours later.

Talking about EP’s longstanding relationship with the Honda Ron Haslam Race School, Ron Haslam said: “Our partnership with Evotech Performance over the last seven years has been excellent. We have approximately 180 customers a day at the Honda Ron Haslam Race School, which means our school bikes are in constant use; even so, we know we are in safe hands with Evotech Performance accessories providing machine protection and more.”

For further information on the Honda Ron Haslam Race School, please visit its detailed web pages here: https://www.haslamraceschool.com/

By Evotech Performance on 07 May 2019

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