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Funny thing the weather. This time last year snow was still causing chaos and any notion of unplugging battery chargers, checking tyre pressures and performing other “get ready to ride” duties were at the back of most of our minds. And now, the last weeks have been full of social media notifications pinging like a pinball arcade announcing updates on what a good ride was had in the sun.

Yes, spring seems to have arrived early this year. But although frosty mornings have given way to beautiful sunshine, there is always the danger that tree-lined roads have cast shadows across the road and frost and ice hasn’t thawed away. Early morning fog is a natural route to disaster and not just because visibility is reduced. Because of fog’s high moisture content, any dried, dusty remains of road salt can quickly turn to slippery slime even though it looks like a simple damp patch. Why? Because road salt is hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb water moisture from its surroundings.

 It’s well known that Evotech Performance EP Crash Protectors are a formidable defence against major damage to your motorcycle if the worst should happen i.e. your pride and joy goes sliding down the road or circuit or, at the very least, it simply falls over. Don’t ever think such a thing won’t happen to you.

 Overbalancing while manoeuvring your bike is, believe it or not, very common especially when sat on it. And despite automatically pushing the sidestand down with a booted left, there will be that one time where it’s not fully located against the stop point… usually when out and about with mickey-taking friends and in full view of passers-by. Cue the red face and sarcasm attack.

 As well as EP Crash Protectors, Evotech Performance produces additional EP crash protection accessories that can help minimise incident damage. Just like EP Crash Protectors. EP Front / Rear Wheel Spindle Bobbins are designed to provide a defensive wall against terra firma – no, not soil, but the manmade coatings such a Tarmac, Shellgrip and other road top layers. Kerbs are also potential creators of damage, if you’re really unlucky.

 In a nutshell, EP wheel spindle bobbins help to prevent damage to the wheel spindle’s head and endpoints. Not only that, they serve to prevent damage to the lower sections of the front forks (the spindle clamps) and, to a certain extent, the brake calipers.

 At the rear of the bike, it’s the same deal for the wheel spindle, while also providing protection for the swingarm – an expensive item to repair or replace. In fact, there are many stories about bikes being written off because of swingarm damage. OK, so this is what we pay insurance for, but on most insurance claims an awful lot of owners end up being out of pocket and later at risk to higher premium charges. Hmmm… some people still think crash protection is a money pit and not necessary.

Manufactured from injection moulded Nylon, the EP bobbins and their aluminium seating spacer sets are held in place by way of a stainless steel rod (passes through the hollow spindle) and stainless locknuts. The stainless rod isn’t just a rod but the Carlsberg of spindle rods: the end threads are rolled threads, which are less susceptible to fracture over cut/screwed threads.

Other key points of the spindle protector design are 1) the bobbins are designed to rotate to minimise “grab” on coarse surfaces, this also lessens the amount of wear on one section of the bobbin head, and 2) the Evotech Performance design team design bobbins to suit specific machines. Just such an example is the way EP Rear Wheel Spindle Bobbins for Kawasaki models are manufactured to cover the castellated nut and do away with the ugly split pin.

For single-sided swingarms, EP Rear Wheel Hub Stops are the order of the day. A bobbin is again used on the wheel’s locking nut, while a machined aluminium protector cover is used for the opposite side.

 From the team at Evotech Performance, we hope you have a safe riding year.

By Evotech Performance on 01 April 2019

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