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 Every day, hundreds of internet-based orders for Evotech Performance quality motorcycle accessories reach us via our online shopping pages. And then there are the telephone orders, too. In short, all orders are then processed by way of our busy worker ants, who product pick, carefully pack in recyclable materials and then despatch these orders, usually the same working day and with more than a hint of computerised “paperwork” involved. For detailed info on ordering, delivery options and timescales, terms & conditions, please view here.

 Many EP customers are repeat buyers where they’ve made a purchase before and are buying another product for the same bike or a new model of motorcycle. However, the ratio of new-to-existing customers making a purchase definitely tips the scales with a loud clatter in favour of first time buyers from across the globe.

 Showing EP accessories as full-colour images - on and off the bike in question – via the Evotech Performance online shopping pages is proven to be beneficial to new and existing customers. These pictures obviously help sway the decision to buy our products, as do detailed specifications of the accessory they want to buy. It also appears the downloadable fitting instructions play their part in where the chosen accessories are finally delivered – customers who prefer dealer-only service will have EP accessories sent to their chosen dealership for a trained technician to fit. The majority of EP customers, however, will see that we have designed our accessories to be a precise and easily achieved install by anyone.

 There are two other big players in making a decision to buy EP products but these can be boxed as one: word of mouth and online reviews. Such is our belief in EP product quality – including design, manufacturing, ease of fit and styling – that, in 2015, we made a decision to sign up to an independent online review platform, Trusted Shops GMBH.

 The idea behind an online review platform needs little explanation. What is important is that prospective customers can easily read what customers have to say about Evotech Performance products and how they rate them. Trusted Shops GMBH also uses customer reviews to rate and score our business.

 Obviously, thanks to our customers, we are delighted to have an “Excellent” rating and a score of 4.91/5.00 based on 3,020 Trusted Shops reviews collected in the last 12 months. There are additional requirements of Evotech Performance, which Trusted Shops GMBH enforces, but this does mean is we meet Trusted Shops’ quality criteria to be awarded a Trusted Shops trustmark – a European recognised stamp that basically says we are on the ball with regards to customer service and satisfaction, product quality and e-business compliance.

 Reviews left on Trusted Shops GMBH are essentially an open window to honest opinions on our products and other points and we thank everyone who has taken the time to leave a review. All reviews are worthwhile because not only does it help other online shoppers, it can assist us to make our products the best available and the service we provide even better. Examples of online reviews from Trusted Shops GMBH are:

 The Good…


I wanted a tail tidy that looked like it was O.E. The quality and finish of the Evotech Performance tail tidy on my R Nine T is exactly that. It was easy to fit using the extremely well designed fitting instructions with everything being supplied. It does exactly what I wanted and is constructed to last. Great value as well. This is a beautifully designed and made piece at a reasonable price.

★ Excellent


EP: A longer than usual review but definitely warmed our engineering hearts a little more than usual.


Excelente, como todo lo que he comprado aqui


 EP: Google translate is great for overseas customer reviews.


Store is easy to deal with. I bought a radiator cover. It was a bit pricey, but an excellent product. Very well designed, which makes for very simple installation. Good quality materials and finishing. You will surely find other radiator guards out there for 1/3 (or less) of the price but from what I've seen out there none compares to this one. I'd rather have good quality than cheap crap.


 EP: Honesty is everything.


Excellent communication throughout, quick service and product of top quality.

★ Excellent

 EP: We receive quite a few reviews of this nature.


Fast and uncomplicated delivery to Germany. Goods correspond exactly to the description in the online shop.


 EP: Fast and secure delivery world-wide is something we strive to undertake with every order but timescale is dependent on the customer’s method of delivery. Plus we cannot be responsible for the actions of others in the supply / delivery chain external to Evotech Performance.


Amazing quality and fast shipping, always a safe bet



 EP: Nail hit on the head, here.


Really impressed. Turned up quicker than I was expecting. Ordered nice and early for my wife’s Birthday. She still hasn’t seen it yet and I still need to fit it. Great service thanks. Only downside is the box was left in a wheelie bin!


 EP: There are times when we get negative feedback about delivery and, unfortunately, our star rating can get hammered. Fortunately, for us, this customer understood that we do not personally deliver orders.


Не получил заказ вообще

[Did not receive the order at all]

 Very Poor

 EP: We endeavour to enquire and rectify any problems that may occur with a customer’s EP shopping experience. With this example, we received a one star rating even though, as said, we don’t personally deliver. All the same, our actions were swift and sure: “Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve tracked your parcel to the delivery partner in Israel who delivered your item on 21/01. Please email sales@evotech-performance.com and we'll provide you with a tracking number. Many thanks, EP team.”


By Evotech Performance on 10 June 2019

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