Evotech saved my bike and saved me thousands

Crash protection. It exists for a reason. You never think it’ll happen to you – until it does. But just a few key parts from Evotech Performance can prove the difference between a write-off and being able to ride away from an accident.

Here’s an example from an American customer of ours who had an off on their new Yamaha YZF-R7.

“I was riding home on the highway when a car I was overtaking suddenly swerved into my lane.  The only place I had to go was the shoulder of the highway and I immediately lost front and rear traction and low-sided at highway speed. I was fortunate to come away with some road rash and minimal injury, but the bike slid across the road a long way. I thought it would be completely totalled.

“I got up and ran over to my bike and to my complete shock the bike was not destroyed at all. I picked it up and saw my Evotech crash bobbins had taken nearly all the damage. Other than some scuffing on the lower fairings and a scratched exhaust can, the sliders saved my bike and saved me thousands of dollars. I was even able to get back on the bike and ride it home.

“I was hoping I’d never have to personally test out these protection products, but I am so glad I chose to protect my bike with Evotech.”

See what crash protection products we stock for your bike here. 

By Evotech Retail on 14 March 2022