EP crash protection now available for Ducati SuperSport 950 and 950 S

Our latest accessory line provides the ultimate in protection and enhances the race-derived styling of the Ducati SuperSport 950 and 950 S.

One product in the latest range that stands out as a lesson in modern engineering is the EP Crash Protection system. Because of the wind cheating design of the SuperSport 950's race fairing, the area between the bodywork and frame/engine is limited to say the least. Many hours of 3D scanning and use of high-tech desktop design software were required to deliver a main mounting point that A) wouldn’t interfere with the frame, engine or bodywork, B) provide a strong, resilient mounting point for the crash bobbins, and C) ensure no modifications would be necessary to fix the EP Crash Protection in place i.e. no cutting or filing of the bodywork.

The end result is a quality, CNC-machined, aluminium alloy mounting system that utilises key chassis points to provide a secure, rigid mount for the unique EP nylon crash bobbins. Finished in black powder coat, the main mounting brackets and spacers look every millimetre like factory produced parts.

The same standard of design and fabrication is very apparent in the other 19 products available in the Ducati SuperSport 950 and 950 S EP accessory line. From wheel spindle bobbins to tail tidy to the often-copied EP Radiator Guard, each product is meticulously designed and crafted to be the best accessory available.

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By Evotech Retail on 15 March 2022