Welcome to the second instalment of Frequently Asked Questions. This month the subject matter is the popular Evotech Performance EP Sat Nav Mount, or rather “mounts” because the motorcycle model range and brand specific fixing mounts that Evotech Performance accommodates is growing. Fast.

The below Q&A is based around the most common questions that we receive, and no way addresses every enquiry. For this reason, additional questions can be directed at the EP Customer Support team, where our experienced staff will do their utmost to help. Previous FAQ on EP products can be found here.

What is an EP Sat Nav Mount?
An EP Sat Nav Mount is, as the name suggests, an EP motorcycle model specific bracket to provide a stable, secure method of attaching market leading sat nav systems. However, EP mounts are different (read better) because they are also available to accept fitment of popular GPS enabled smartphones.

What type of sat nav and smartphones do EP Sat Nav Mounts cover?
Customer research combined with the fact all Evotech Performance staff are motorcyclists, it was obvious TomTom International BV and Garmin® sat nav systems were – and still are – the most popular motorcycle-mounted sat nav brands available. For this reason, all Evotech Performance Sat Nav Mount units are available with either a Garmin or TomTom specific mounting adaptor.

Evotech Performance also researched the most common connection system to enable smartphones to be adapted for motorcycle use. Two products originally stood out, Quad Lock® and UltimateAddons, both of which use suitable smartphone cases complete with integral QD mounting systems. Evotech Performance has recently added a new mounting system, SP™ Connect.

What is an EP Sat Nav Mount made from?
We do not like to use the word “made” because, as with all EP products, our EP Sat Nav Mount systems are fabricated using ultra-modern CNC machinery and CAD engineering software systems to ensure they uphold the Evotech Performance reputation for quality; quality in the way they function, fit, look and do not interfere with original components or require additional modifications to the motorcycle chassis.

Each EP Sat Nav Mount is manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminium and attaches securely to the motorcycle chassis using existing mounting points. Evotech Performance spends a lot of time developing each product to ensure fitment is easy and precise and blends in seamlessly. If we cannot produce a motorcycle accessory that will match or better original equipment (OE), quite simply we will not produce it.

Included with the EP Sat Nav Mount is a ‘backplate adaptor’ to suit the method of GPS or smartphone attachment you, the customer, are using e.g. Garmin sat nav, or UltimateAddons phone mount. It is important to note Evotech Performance does not supply GPS or smartphone carrying cases, just the adaptor backplate to enable customers to align their chosen system to the EP Sat Nav Mount. Where additional or replacement fasteners are required to install the EP Sat Nav Mount, these are supplied. We also include additional power cable securing clips and other fixtures where required.

Are there any other reasons to purchase an EP Sat Nav Mount?
The majority of EP Sat Nav Mounts feature a finger-screw adjuster system to alter the angle of the viewing screen to place the sat nav unit within the rider’s peripheral vision for easy viewing as well as operation. And on motorcycle models that feature adjustable screen heights, Evotech Performance has also tested such systems within the design stage, again to ensure a perfect viewing angle. A durable black powder coat finish complements the existing chassis components

Vibration can be an issue with smartphones. Do your mounts account for that?
As time-served fabrication engineers, who also happen to be motorcyclists, the EP team understands that motorcycles vibrate, either because of the engine design and its performance or suspension reaction through the chassis. Every EP Sat Nav Mount design process includes actual real-world riding so, where needed damping measures are included. We understand some of the leading smartphone mounting systems are now available with optional motorcycle-specific damper mounts to help alleviate low and high frequency vibration.

If I change sat nav or upgrade my mobile phone to a different make, do I have to buy a new EP Sat Nav Mount?
If you continue to use the same make of sat nav then the attachment method will remain the same and will fit the existing EP supplied adaptor backplate. If you change, say, from Garmin to TomTom, a new adaptor backplate to suit is required, which Evotech Performance can supply.

For smartphone use: if you have been using, for example, an UltimateAddons system and want to continue using it, then there are no issues. But changing to a different system (e.g. SP Connect) will require a matching EP adaptor backplate, which can be purchased from the Evotech Performance website.

Are EP Sat Nav Mounts interchangeable with different motorcycles?
No. Each mount is designed and manufactured to fit a specific model of motorcycle – they are not universal.

I can’t see an EP Sat Nav Mount listed for my motorcycle?
Evotech Performance updates frequently its EP accessory listings and this includes EP Sat Nav Mounts for a wide range of genres; from adventure-styled through to sport-focused naked motorcycles.

Are there any legal complications to be had from attaching a sat nav or smartphone mount?
None at all. An EP Sat Nav Mount is an accessory component that, apart from the fact it is designed and manufactured by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, and affordably priced, is no different from buying an accessory part from the motorcycle producer. In some countries, it is illegal to operate a sat nav or mobile phone while riding (in the same way car drivers can be penalised) so always check local motoring laws and regulations. As a point of safety, we always input routes prior to riding or find a safe location to stop and make direction changes.

By Evotech Performance on 25 August 2020