FAQs: EP Spindle Bobbins

Evotech Performance loves feedback because it can help shape future EP product design and sales processes to further our aim of delivering quality in everything we do. Feedback on EP’s massive array of quality aftermarket motorcycle accessories can come via the Trusted Shops tab on our online shop pages, but also via social media and phone calls to the EP Customer Service team.

The team also receives quite a few EP product queries, which is only to be expected as our accessories are available worldwide. So, to assist potential and existing customers, we have compiled a series of EP product Question & Answer features based on the most asked questions. This month’s Q&A is about EP Front Spindle Bobbins.

What are EP Front Spindle Bobbins?

Front spindle bobbins are a “bolt-on” accessory kit designed to help protect the ends of the front wheel spindle ends from damage in the event of your bike making contact with the ground – not just at riding speed but also from standstill. However, spindle bobbins do more than protect the threaded section or the spindle securing bolt. The bobbins raised profile helps prevent road surface damage to the lower section of the fork legs i.e. the spindle clamps, front wheel rim and tyre, and brake calipers.

Why should I buy EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins?

All Evotech Performance motorcycle accessories are designed by time-served fabrication engineers who happen to be motorcyclists. This means each product is designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances so they fit perfectly, precisely and without any modifications to the motorcycle chassis and chassis components. In other words, you are buying a quality motorcycle accessory that is manufactured in the UK by engineers using top-grade materials and ultra-hi-tech machinery to produce them. You might also be pleased to note that all EP products are packaged in easy to recycle packaging material; Evotech Performance is very keen on being green.

What makes EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins so much better?

EP Spindle Bobbins are produced from high quality nylon and feature machined and anodised internal aluminium spacer mounts. These are designed to enable the nylon bobbin to rotate when in contact with the road surface to spread the damage rather than wearing down in one area. The bobbins’ mounting spindle is produced from graded stainless steel with rolled end threads (not machine cut) for long-lasting durability and the supplied fasteners are stainless steel nyloc nuts. Evotech Performance can also supply individual spare parts, which is an affordable way to get you up and running again.

How difficult are EP Spindle Bobbins to fit?

EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins are easy to fit – they are designed to enable anybody with access to even a basic toolkit can fit them. Of course, Evotech Performance also supplies comprehensive pictorial fitting instructions, which can be downloaded from the Evotech Performance website – these can be found on the relevant product page.

Will fitting EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins to my new motorcycle void my motorcycle warranty?

No. They are a protection accessory and do not affect the running and performance aspects of the motorcycle. Many motorcycle retail outlets stock EP accessories and even equip their demonstrator models with EP accessories. Some dealerships will even fit EP accessories free of charge to clinch a sale.

How will an insurance company view the fitting of EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins?

With a smile, we like to think. You are buying an accessory that can, in the event of an incident, lessen the impact damage. This means reducing the cost to them for the repair or replacement of motorcycle parts.

Are EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins available in different colours?

EP nylon bobbins are only available in black. This is because they are mounted to the front of the motorcycle and, based on personal experience, they are extremely prone to being covered in dirt, surface water, bugs etc and the colour black does the best job of hiding road muck / stains.

By Evotech Performance on 03 July 2020