In our third instalment of Frequently Asked Questions, we focus on our flagship accessory – the EP Radiator Guard.

As one of our most popular accessory lines, we get asked lots of questions about the purpose of an EP Radiator Guard, what they’re made of and whether they’re easy to fit – the below Q&A is based around the most common questions we receive.

What is a radiator guard?
A radiator guard is a shield that fits to the front (and sometimes the side) of your motorcycle’s radiator. The main reason for fitting a radiator guard to your bike is to protect the radiator from road debris, while still allowing essential cooling air to pass through.

Regardless of the speed you’re travelling or the performance of your bike, there is a high risk of a stone being flung from your front tyre or passing traffic, denting or even puncturing your bike’s radiator. As a fragile component, the radiator is very difficult to repair (if at all possible) and even more expensive to replace, so it’s more economical to protect it with an EP Radiator Guard.

What protection does an EP motorcycle radiator guard give?
EP Radiator Guards are designed to protect the radiator’s delicate cooling fins and internal waterways by preventing stones, grit and other road debris from puncturing the radiator’s delicate aluminium construction and causing it to leak. If this happens, the engine will overheat and potentially cause irreparable damage. Escaping coolant can also leak on to the tyres, causing loss of grip.

Radiators are designed and positioned so they are not restricted to the open air and passing airflow, which cools engine coolant flowing through the internal radiator core. EP Radiator Guards feature a unique hexagonal matrix hole-pattern, which prevents debris from hitting the radiator but doesn’t restrict the much needed airflow.

What is an EP Radiator Guard made from?
All our EP Radiator Guards are fabricated from aerospace quality, lightweight aluminium and the majority of our guards are given a black powder coat for a durable factory-like finish (except the stainless steel versions). You can watch the powder coating process here.

It’s probably worth noting here too that all EP Radiator Guards are produced in-house at our UK factory. We pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our EP accessories, but even more important than that, all our designs are vigorously tested before we release them for sale. When it comes to our EP Radiator Guards, we’ve been working with race teams for more than 30 years and many top teams in the British and World Superbike paddocks as well on the public roads run our guards on their race-winning bikes. In our opinion, there’s no better test of a radiator guard’s strength and fit-for-purpose as being hit by a stone at 130mph!

So while there may be similar ones out there, cheap copies of EP products are essentially sub-standard parts that could leave you out of pocket. Unfortunately, counterfeit versions of our EP accessories do exist. As well as being cheap and flimsy alternatives, built with little regard for longevity or ease of fit, they may not work properly and certainly won’t fit your bike perfectly like our genuine EP accessories are designed to. There is also the worry that they can damage your motorcycle and, worse, could be dangerous.

There’s actually only one way to be sure you’re buying EP quality accessories and that’s to purchase them directly from us at or from one of our trusted official stockists. If in doubt, always contact us first.

I’ve seen some EP Radiator Guards with the EP logo sprayed white on the centre of them. Where can I purchase one of those?
You’ve probably seen this style of EP Radiator Guard on the racetrack – we support a number of race teams in the British and World Superbike Championships as well as in Road Racing. Unfortunately, these are Limited Edition EP Radiator Guards, which are used only in racing – these are not currently available to purchase on our website.

Are EP Radiator Guards easy to fit?  
EP Radiator Guards are very easy to fit, require no modifications to your motorcycle and come with all relevant fittings for a secure, precise fit. Easy-to-view pictorial installation instructions are also available to download from the relevant page on the Evotech Performance website, but, if you want to see how easy they are to fit, check out this BMW R 1200 GS fitting video here.

Are EP Radiator Guards interchangeable between motorcycle models?
In a word, no. When choosing an EP Radiator Guard on, you should always choose the correct make and model of your bike but more importantly, the correct model year. Although our EP Radiator Guards may look similar across models and years, there may be some slight differences in size, shape and dimensions as well as the placement of the mounting holes. We can only guarantee a precise fit if you choose the correct EP Radiator Guard for your bike. 

If radiator guards are necessary, why are they not fitted as standard from new?
Nearly all motorcycle manufacturers feature optional extras for their many models because to kit out a bike with every conceivable goodie would make it a very expensive bike to buy. Also, the time/cost of developing a radiator guard would also increase the final retail price. Because Evotech Performance specialises in protection, we are geared up to design and manufacture the best in radiator protection at an affordable price.

Can EP Radiator Guards be repaired?
Small dents in the hexagonal hole matrix guard can be gently pushed out in order not to rub against the radiator. If the guard is severely punctured – as in the aluminium alloy is broken – we suggest replacing the EP Radiator Guard because there’s a good chance a repeat hit by debris will result in a heavily damaged/punctured radiator. Think of a radiator guard as you do protective clothing – if the garment is destroyed but your skin and bones are intact then the article of protective clothing has done its job.

Can Evotech Performance manufacture a one-off radiator guard?
We could; but we don’t for the simple reason development time, tooling and manufacturing costs for a one-off product would make it a hellishly expensive purchase for the customer.

Why shouldn’t I make my own out of perforated steel or rabbit hutch mesh from DIY stores?
Because EP Radiator Guards are lightweight but extremely tough, i.e. they have a high strength-to-weight ratio; fit perfectly – EP guards are formed to follow exactly the curvature of the standard radiator; they do not disrupt the cooling airflow; all supplied fasteners are quality items and to the required length to avoid damaging chassis components including the radiator; and they are a proven product. Another important aspect is EP guards do not look or work like they’ve been made in a shed from heavy, rust-forming steel upcycled from a decommissioned 1950s cruise ship.

Most EP Radiator Guards have fixed rubber spacers that maintain a specific clearance between the radiator guard and the radiator, especially the delicate cooling fins. This helps air flow and also stops the guard rubbing the radiator.

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By Evotech Performance on 06 October 2020