Quality time

Let’s talk about quality. Specifically the time and manufacturing processes that go hand in hand to make quality EP accessories. After all, it takes time to produce what we consider the best available aftermarket protection and rider aid accessories.

There are more than one or two accessories listed on the Evotech Performance website. Last count we did before this morning’s tea-break totalled 3497 Evotech Performance manufactured accessories. That’s a lot of time devoted to producing 3497 – and counting – EP accessories within our Lincolnshire factory.

Take away design and development time of a new accessory, which involves a lot of 3D scanning, data reading and digital model scans before even one prototype component part can be produced, we are still talking, for example, approximately 120-150 minutes (2-2.5 hours) to produce an EP Tail Tidy for a MY20 Ducati Streetfighter V4. That’s time registered from the moment the production button is pushed and the first section of base material (e.g. graded aluminium alloy billet) goes to fabrication – this could be the main mounting plate or maybe even one of the two main mounting spacers, or another machined component – up to the point the finished article is packed ready for shipment.

During that time, a heck of a lot of machining work goes into individual components and quality control checks before they reach, say, the powder coat station. It’s here the component parts are washed, pre-treated and coated to give a factory-like finish. Not until the main section of the accessory is adorned with the Evotech Performance logo (pad-paint applied) can the completed accessory be placed onto the stock list. Phew! Of course, not all EP accessories are technically complicated to produce but even so they are equally fabricated and finished to a very high standard.

With the advent of CV-19 and subsequent lockdown measures, Evotech Performance has adopted new working processes to get production schedules on track and ensure continued production of EP accessories. Our material suppliers are also stepping up the pace to meet the difficult demands of “the new normal” and our raw stock is almost at pre-CV-19 levels.

Increased demand for Evotech Performance products has also led us to further invest in new hi-tech machinery, which we will be delighted to show you when installed and running to full capacity. This may be 2-3 months’ time because of… delays! But like everything in life, if you require quality then it is most definitely worth waiting for.

By Evotech Performance on 06 October 2020