How to spot a counterfeit EP Radiator Guard

It’s not easy to spot a fake EP accessory. Take, for example, an EP Radiator Guard. For starters you will not find a genuine Evotech Performance EP Radiator Guard on an online retail service such as AliExpress or Wish.

If a radiator guard does appear with any mention of Evotech Performance then ignore or proceed with caution, especially if the purchase price is significantly lower than it should be.

All genuine Evotech Performance accessories are marked with the company name and logo. They also come with any required fixtures and fittings. If in any doubt on the legitimacy of the advertised EP accessory, contact us for clarity, purchase direct, or enquire on the whereabouts of your nearest genuine EP accessory stockist.

Let’s assume you have bought a radiator guard pertaining to be an original EP product. What ways can you tell it’s definitely the genuine article? There should be no plastic or other petroleum-based packaging material. There will also be a company brand logo on the main cardboard box. Each accessory or component will be carefully wrapped and contained within paper or tissue material (recyclable / biodegradable) for safe keeping. If bought direct from Evotech Performance, our shipping parcels have a label showing our full UK address.

If your alleged EP accessory comes with poorly written/drawn diagrams then it is not one of our products. All Evotech Performance EP accessories have clear and concise fittings guides but are only available to download from Again, if you are unsure if you have a genuine or fake EP accessory, feel free to contact us.

By Evotech Performance on 12 April 2021