It's a Monster!

Ducati’s first Monster, the M900, back in 1993, quickly proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Its naked styling, race-derived frame and the torquey, air-cooled engine captured the hearts of potential buyers who wanted a simple, easy to ride, go anywhere motorcycle – in other words an antidote to the reams of available race-replicas.

Fast forward 28 years and Ducati’s latest Monster has the same ingredients that made the range so successful. Of course, changes have occurred, such as the disappearance of Ducati’s trademark trellis frame, and the new Monster 950 and Monster 950+ have the very latest electronic rider-safety aids. But like all motorcycles today, additional protection and cosmetic enhancements are still very much must have items. This is where Evotech Performance and its latest quality-engineered products come into play.

The Evotech Performance (MY21) Ducati Monster 950 & Monster 950+ Accessory Line features 14 accessory products plus variants e.g. the popular EP Sat Nav Mount accommodates four makes of leading brand sat nav / smartphone mounting systems. Products listed within the EP Accessory Line are available as individual items to suit individual customer requirements.

Ducati’s Monster series of bikes is acknowledged as one of the longest serving model brands. Throughout Monster history, Ducati has stuck true to what the original Monster represented and that is affordable riding pleasure. With a starting price of just over £10,300, the 2021 Monster 950 is very affordable. Even so, it is still a large investment which warrants the additional benefits of protection that EP accessories have provided customers the world over.” Dan Rack

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By Evotech Retail on 23 September 2021