Kawasaki ZX-4R accessories available now

The chatter around the return of Kawasaki’s mini-missile ZX-4R has not abated since the Big-K confirmed last year it’s return was imminent. And we’re excited…

There are two solid reasons for this. Many of the 1990s generation cut their biking teeth on 400cc supersport machines. Others simply remember the appeal of owning a screaming four-stroke “pocket-rocket”, especially after having witnessed many leading and up-and-coming race stars bashing fairings on similar bikes such as the Yamaha FZR400RRSP, Honda VFR400 R (NC30) and RVF400 plus the Suzuki GSX-R400 R / SP. Adding 250cc strokers to the mix really did make the hairs of race spectators stand up. And fall out…

The other reason is the appeal of cutting loose on a race-replica is as strong today as it ever was with the difference being the performance output of a 400cc sports bike is friendlier (read easier to make use of) and cheaper than, say, a 200bhp Ducati Panigale!

There are some of us at Evotech Performance who remember the fun side of 1990s motorcycle ownership and have been really looking forward, in particular, to producing a suite of Evotech parts and accessories for the Kawasaki Ninja 40th Anniversary Edition ZX-4RR.

The new collection includes a very tasty Evotech Tail Tidy and Radiator Guard – the kind of kit we (the remnants) of the 1990s would spend our spare cash on or try and make. If only we had Lever Protectors and decent replacement Exhaust Hangers too.

For the full list of Evotech ZX-4R (plus variants) accessories, please click the link: https://evotech-performance.com/pages/kawasaki-ninja-zx-4r

By Evotech Retail on 12 February 2024