2024… About blooming time

Doodling with your finger on an iced-up car window first thing in the morning is, we’re sure, an annual event for most motorcyclists. Put it down to boredom; the monotony of dark days, roads covered in slurry and the angst from knowing your motorcycle is staying out of harm’s way for a good while yet.

The only motorcycling joy for many is getting their bike prepped for spring and that first decent ride. If you’ve already been out and about, or ridden through ice and snow day in, day out, we’ll assume you live in warmer climes, or you’ve got thick blood and some decent winter riding gear. It’s not for us here at Evotech Performance. We’re nearly all motorcyclists but all are definitely fair weather riders. It’s an age thing.

Talking of bike preparation, we are also mightily pleased our EP Sequential LED Indicators are going down a storm with customers. Comments like “really noticeableperfect fit out of the box,” and “suit my bike perfectly” warm our hearts every time. We’re also about to stock EP indicator relays that will prevent hyperflash on certain bike models. Read more about this new Evotech Performance accessory here: https://evotech-performance.com/blogs/news/a-turn-for-the-better.

Another EP accessory that has surprised us with its popularity is the EP Motorcycle USB Charger. In a nutshell, it’s a waterproof 1.2v, USB, type-A charge point with a 2.2 metre lead to enable routing to any point on your bike. There’s a fitting kit with it, too and is ideal for phone or sat nav use.

Last but not least, we are already drawing up plans for one or two EP works rideouts in 2024. Squires at Sherburn, Yorks is on the list. If you know of good sized bike meets with, obviously, food and tea/coffee facilities, please let us know. Best way to do this is to become a member of our Facebook forum Rider Torque and place the info on a post, preferably with a bike meet photograph or two. Join us here.

By Evotech Retail on 26 January 2024