KTM Super Duke R – delivering worldwide appeal

Worldwide appeal for KTM Super Duke models shows no sign of slowing. With each new model, the customer enquiry list we receive regarding Evotech Performance accessories gets longer and longer. When KTM revealed the 2024, all-new KTM 1390 R Super Duke R and R Evo, the motorcycling world exploded!

We always knew the 1390 Super Duke would be popular but, to us at least, it seems everyone with a smattering of desire for a road storming, neck snapping, universal, naked super bike has turned their eyes towards this model. At least the amount of trade-ins and private sales of bikes being moved on by owners in order to net a 1390 Super Duke will ensure second-hand bike sales stay buoyant.

And we’re not just talking about the UK but just about every country where KTM models are readily available. Surely the only other thing that would generate further interest in the new 1390 would be a one-make race series supporting MotoGP or WSB. We’d pay just to see that spectacle!

So, huge global interest in the 1390 Super Duke R and R Evo means huge interest in Evotech Performance parts to suit these Austrian-made tools. And yes, we have produced a range of accessories. And yes, we apologise to everybody who has ordered accessories only to find they are out of stock and to sign up for “in stock” notifications while we do everything we can to get them back on the website and ensure minimum disruption.

So what is the most popular Evotech performance accessory so far for the 2024 1390 twins? You might be surprised to know there’s not one accessory shooting ahead. Evo Clutch & Brake (Short & Folding type) levers, Bar End Mirrors, Lever Protectors, Radiator Guard, Crash Protection, Tail Tidy… every listed product is being shipped to countries worldwide.

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By Evotech Retail on 12 March 2024