Ride ready with a little help from Evotech Performance

Here in the UK, the winter season appears to have been granted an extension. Rain, rain, and yet more rain along with cold temperatures are the order of the day. If you are like us and the rest of the motorcycling masses, we can’t wait for dry sunny days, not just weekends but midweek too so we can ride to work and spend extra time riding home after work.

Our battery chargers are already unplugged and boxed up in anticipation of a break in the weather. We have also spent enough time making sure everything on our bikes is sparkling clean and adjusted or fettled – chains, cables, fluids etc – and this is making matters worse. We are ready to ride and need to ride.

But before the sun breaks through and dry roads appear, spend a little more time checking out any accessories you may have fitted before and during winter, but especially if you’ve braved the cold and wet and got covered in road grime.

Of course, we do include Evotech Performance accessories in that preflight check list. Did you remove the Evotech Radiator Guard as part of a deep clean and have you double checked all fasteners are tight and all rubber vibration pads are still in place?

Have you checked that all fasteners on EP Crash Protection, Bar Ends, Tail Tidies and more are all tightened correctly. What about double checking any wiring you may have moved while fitting accessories; it’s worth it just in case the seat or panels have rubbed against the wiring loom or connector blocks.

Finally, remember your safety is paramount. Vibration can loosen all manner of things (not including wallets). Engine vibration, badly surfaced roads, high speed riding and braking can affect every fastener on a motorcycle. So, don’t just check the usual suspects of wheel spindle nuts, headstock and wheel bearings and so on, check also every fastener of every accessory you or someone previously may have fitted.

Just like last year and the year before and the year... The team at Evotech Performance hopes you have a happy riding year. See you on the road, hopefully, soon.

By Evotech Retail on 25 March 2024