New year + new models = new EP Accessories

New bikes arriving in 2022… an eye-catching headline for all motorcyclists if ever there was, and one that will be seen with increasing frequency over the next couple of months. With major European and UK motorcycle shows now back on our calendars, motorcycle manufacturers have already started teasing us with snippets of info and images before full reveals – specifications, colours, prices – of new and revised model lines. Pre-promotion is all part of the game to sell us the latest model, or even clean, low-mileage second-hand bikes because owners will use them as a deposit on their new bike purchase.

Here at Evotech Performance, we are avid motorcyclists who love to read about new motorcycles coming our way. There has already been some basic info and guesses about what might be appearing in a motorcycle dealership near you – the motorcycle media love putting out a “what to expect” story. However, there are some motorcycle manufacturers today who do not rely so heavily on the media to fan the flames of interest. Triumph Motorcycles is just one such brand…

Triumph recently revealed its all-new Triumph Tiger Sport 660 for the 2022 model year – a bike that is firmly on the Evotech Performance radar. The new middleweight sport-tourer should be a huge seller for the English company. After-all, it has the proven 660cc three-cylinder engine neatly wedged in a chassis capable of lugging rider, pillion, and luggage for mile after mile. The fact it also sits in a cheaper insurance bracket, can be restricted for A2 licence holders and is priced at an affordable £8,500 is very good news. We can’t wait to get to get up close and personal with the Tiger Sport 660.

Nostalgia is still a good marketing tool especially with ‘retro-mania’ not looking to slow down any time soon. One of the best examples in recent years has been Kawasaki’s Z900RS – a modern take on the Kawasaki Z1-900 series from 1972. For 2022, Kawasaki has gone one step further with the introduction of Z650RS, a stunningly created and again a modern nod to the original 1977 Z650.

Okay, so the new Z650RS isn’t a four-cylinder screamer but a twin-cylinder screamer, with proven engine design that delivers plenty of punch. Coupled with modern-day running gear, the Z650RS doesn’t just look good but should deliver a whole heap of nimble and safe fun to all riders. The Z650RS is on the Evotech Performance priority list to be closely scrutinised, prodded, poked and measured to ensure we manufacture every protective and style-enhancing EP product we currently produce.

On the sportier side of two-wheels, but still under the shade of nostalgia, there’s a great new intro into the world of Yamaha sports bikes with the new Yamaha R7. This model is not to be confused with the delectable, 1999 WSB homologation YZF-R7 (OW-02) – a limited edition (500 produced) factory special that still makes grown men today go weak at the knees with lust and envy on first sight.

The new R7 is interesting in the way Yamaha has decided to continue with the race replica theme in the lower engine capacity division when most of the big four manufacturers have just about given up. And it’s cheap-ish, with UK pricing set at £8200 for the standard R7 and £8500 for the super cool 60th anniversary version – check out the colour scheme.

If Yamaha’s R7 turns out to have the head-banger credentials (fast, agile, demon brakes etc) as the Aprilia RS 660 – there’s no real reason it shouldn’t – it could be a popular tool for road riders and track day aficionados, maybe even club racers. All the right reasons, then, for the engineers at Evotech Performance to wipe down their micrometers, verniers, and polish the latest 3D scanner unit.

More views on new models next month. In the meantime, we suggest looking at the online EP Accessories page to make note and drop hints to your nearest and dearest about possible EP products for your Christmas present.

By Evotech Retail on 13 October 2021